My Top 9 Instagram Posts of 2021 (NSFW)

Happy (almost) New Year! At this time of year, it’s trendy for people to post their top 9 Instagram photos of the year. I figured I’d share mine too. Here they are, for the benefit of my friends and fans who don’t follow me on Instagram. And if you don’t, would you please consider giving me a follow at @jesse_jackman, and Levi too at @lkcrisp? Thank you!! (Melo doesn’t have his own Instagram account… yet!)

Instagram Top 9 (2021)

By the way, the app I used to create this collage is called Best Nine.

The First Time I Ever Saw Levi…

So it turns out I kinda had a crush on Levi two years before I ever met him. I’d completely forgotten about it, but I posted a picture of him way back in 2017, asking people if anybody knew who he was (along with a few choice emojis, like the drooling face one and the hearts-for-eyes one). Somebody finally identified him, but I never reached out. Luckily, fate brought us together two years later!

Here’s the post in its entirety. I’d completely forgotten about it, but found it the other day as I was searching for posts about Nasty Pig. It’s a fun read. Enjoy!

Drawn on Halloween: A Yan Herbe Retro-“spook”-tive

It’s hard to believe that the uniquely talented Yan Herbe from Nancy, France has been drawing me for almost 10 years now! Every year for the past sever years, he sends me a new original illustration on Halloween (as well as Christmas and Valentine’s Day), and while I always post them on social media, they’ve never been collected in one place… until now.

Thank you so much, Yan, as always!

Video: I’m back… again! (NSFW)

Hey everybody! I know it’s been a while since I filmed anything, but I’m started getting the itch again. And well, when you’ve got an itch — a deep itch — you just gotta scratch it:

So here’s the deal: Dirk filmed Drake Masters and me when we were all in Kansas City, and we’ve decided to release it on our Just for Fans pages. And since I don’t have a JFF, Dirk is posting them on his. The first two parts are up already, and there are even more… what starts off with me bottoming turns into a really hot double flip scene. We’ll be releasing the rest of the installments steadily over the next couple of weeks… there are at least four more parts to it. So check them out on Dirk’s page, and while you’re at it, have a look at Drake’s JFF page too!