Welcome to JesseJackman.xxx

Welcome to my official website, JesseJackman.xxx! It’s hosted by the great people at Titan so I’ll be able to post stuff here that’s, uh, not exactly suitable for Facebook. 😉 (although my Facebook page is still active at facebook.com/jessejackman)

There will be plenty of exclusive content coming soon…. in the meantime, check out some new pictures and the video below. And be sure to check out François Sagat’s “Incubus” (an AMAZING film that also marks my very first scene with Titan), coming this December!

The Nastiest Thing

Since this is the first time that anyone actually saw me, I guess this is the most appropriate post to start out with. I had only just signed my exclusive contract with TitanMen a few days before and shot just two scenes, one with Hunter Marx for Surveillance and one for François Sagat’s Incubus: Part Two but neither of those are out yet. I was a bit nervous to make a big appearance without anyone really knowing who I was but with my buddy Dirk Caber next to me and guys like Hunter and François that I’d worked with (plus the team from TitanMen), I stepped up to the counter and met TitanMen fans.

It was a great day. And somebody told me I won the title of “nastiest story” although Lance Navarro probably deserved it.