The Nastiest Thing

Since this is the first time that anyone actually saw me, I guess this is the most appropriate post to start out with. I had only just signed my exclusive contract with TitanMen a few days before and shot just two scenes, one with Hunter Marx for Surveillance and one for François Sagat’s Incubus: Part Two but neither of those are out yet. I was a bit nervous to make a big appearance without anyone really knowing who I was but with my buddy Dirk Caber next to me and guys like Hunter and François that I’d worked with (plus the team from TitanMen), I stepped up to the counter and met TitanMen fans.

It was a great day. And somebody told me I won the title of “nastiest story” although Lance Navarro probably deserved it.

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    • Lyne Beausejour
      Lyne Beausejour says:

      So after almost three years are you having fun? You sure seem happy and that’s the important thing. Who cares what people think.


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