Your first look at Surveillance… and a special weekend join price at Titan!

Update: Sadly, the sale is over…. but I’ll be sure to let you know about more deals in the future! -JJ

This was my first movie for Titan. Yes, I’m in Incubus part 2 (which will come out in March) and if you’ve seen Incubus part one, you have seen me playing Francois Sagat’s evil clone in the underwater wrestling scene (we took about 2 hours to apply the replica tattoos on my head and body to match Francois).

But this is the movie I shot first. And WOW, was it ever fun. I love that picture just above with Hunter’s mouth straining to get my whole dick in.

It’s coming out next week but if you join this weekend through, you can get $99 for a full year of unlimited access to the entire Titan catalogue, streaming in full HD on computers and amazingly on mobile devices like iPads. Which means you can take me into the men’s room at work and jerk off… the boss will NEVER know.

Trenton Ducati is also in this movie. He’s been fun to get to know. And my scene with Hunter Marx… plus Dario Beck and Spencer Reed. Check out the whole cast after the jump.

(just keep the volume down or he might wanna join in).

Click Here to get the Weekend join price at Titanmen,

full action gallery after the jump…

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A year of unlimited video streaming for 99 bucks. You might never leave the house.

To celebrate the release of Incubus, Titan’s offering 80% off its membership fee if you buy a year up front. Usually it’s $29.95 a month, but (just through Monday, they tell me) a year of unlimited streaming video is 99 bucks. It’s a pretty sweet deal. Here’s the link to the sale page:

Keep the number for the pizza parlor handy because you might never leave the house again. And besides, the delivery guy’s hot.



Incubus is out!

François Sagat’s Incubus: Part 1 is finally here! The first scene, a 53-minute visual feast (with an insane 6 cumshots!) that stars François, Shay Michaels, and Spencer Reed is available right now from TitanMen Video on Demand. More scenes will be released in the next two weeks… including mine! Speaking of which, here are a couple of brand new teaser images. Who’s that François Sagat lookalike? I’ll give you two guesses. 😉

Manhunt X Photos

THANK YOU to everyone who made it out to Boston’s House of Blues last Saturday night for the Manhunt X tour! Here are a few pictures from the event… there are a bunch more here and here. Thanks for your support… and please look for me in François Sagat’s Incubus coming any day now to!