Shopping at Mr. S Leather

After we’d wrapped production of my scene with Adam Russo for the upcoming Titan film Busted, Titan director Jasun Mark, Adam, and I wandered over to Mr. S Leather to do a little shopping. Jasun, ever the documentarian, shot and edited this video of me sampling floggers and trying on rubber shorts. I ended up buying a sweet leather gym bag (briefly visible at the 7:53 mark) and a pair of Nasty Pig socks. Sadly, I didn’t get the shorts… they looked pretty cool, but were a bit too constricting. Besides, I need to save my money for IML!

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  1. Shadow Sterling
    Shadow Sterling says:

    Mr. Jesse Jackman I wanted to let you know how thoroughly I have enjoyed all the energy and effort you have put in to posting your Behind The Scenes pages to your blog. Your intelligence, humor and compassion really shine through in your work. I hope you do not mind but I put a reference to it in one of my blog posts at entitled, Gay Adult Stars – The Humane Side. I know creating these pages is a great deal of work for you but please know it does not go unappreciated.

  2. Jesse
    Jesse says:

    Mr. Sterling,
          I just read your blog post and wanted to say THANK YOU! It’s very kind of you to include me in such a great list of accomplished performers, even though I’m still just getting my feet wet in the industry. Also, you clued me into a couple of other very interesting blogs (Devon Hunter’s, J.P. Barnaby’s)… thanks for that! 😀
          By the way, even though this blog is officially hosted on a Titan server, I’m responsible for all of the content and write all the posts myself. While there is (of course) a significant element of self-promotion, I try to intersperse that with my unfiltered impressions of working in porn — which, as a relative newcomer, are still fresh and extremely fascinating, at least to me. I’m very happy to share those experiences, and am greatly humbled to know that there are people out there who enjoy reading them. And in the case of the Peyronie’s Disease post, to learn that there are people who were helped by it is a truly wonderful feeling. 🙂
          Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    • Shadow Sterling
      Shadow Sterling says:

      Mr. Jackman I am glad you enjoyed my little blog and you are most welcome.

      As you may have read I am quite new to the industry myself only having started my writing for an adult studio last year.

      And you might be new but you are certainly getting noticed. I am sincere when I say your Behind The Scenes posts are some of the best I have read. And just as an inside, the creators of the Word Press blogs stated less than 1% of all readers will ever place a comment on a blog and for an adult site it is even less. So please realize that you are definitely being seen and read.

      I agree the blogs at and are certainly different, interesting and well written like your own. Mr. Hunter is embarking on the huge task of creating his own production company called and his style and marketing I believe will start forging some new frontiers for the adult industry. I am very excited to watch his progress.

      Speaking of marketing I will be doing a couple postings later on this week that may not be all that flattering to all those in the industry and I want to let you know ahead of time that nothing I put in the posts is directed at you. It is just if you have read the posts on my blog you know my increasing concern for the industry I am working in.

      I wish you well in all your pursuits, you are one of the good guys!

      Shadow Sterling

  3. babakatt
    babakatt says:

    This was a fun video, taking a tour through the leather store. Your videos are always entertaining. Love your humor and you have great raport with the camera.BTW… Love the Adam Russo cameo (such a sexy boy) ;).
    You’re going to be at IML? That’s awesome . I’m going to Grabbys/IML. It’s my first time :).


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