Jesse Fucks Dirk, and some HUGE News

If you think THAT’s hot, wait until you see the one at !!
Read on for more info, and a BIG announcement…

I’ve been hinting for several weeks about a very special scene I filmed for a movie in Titan’s Rough series called Loud and Nasty. I’m VERY excited to finally announce that my scene partner for my very first Rough scene is……


Titan almost never works with real-life couples when filming (many couples are surprised to find the on-screen dynamic to be very different from the privacy of their own bedroom/dungeon/wherever, and this can cause problems on the set), so we consider it a HUGE honor… but since Titan is a big part of the reason why Dirk and I met, I think it’s pretty fitting. And our on-screen chemistry was, of course, intense!

To celebrate (and to get you warmed up for the scene’s release this Tuesday, May 1 only on, Dirk and I have decided to post some of our home movies. You know, just to give you a taste. The above video is my half of a flip-fuck Dirk and I enjoyed just last week in Chicago; Dirk has posted the companion video (from the same marathon session) at, so be sure to check it out!!! And watch for our video at this Tuesday!!

      Quick technical note: Some people have had trouble watching our videos. If they won’t play, please try upgrading Quicktime. You can download the latest version of Quicktime at If you still have a problem after upgrading, please post your error message as a comment here and I’ll see what I can do. Thanks, and good luck!


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  1. MerleMerlot
    MerleMerlot says:

    Well Jesse I must say your half of the home movie is hot I will check out the other half now. Congrats on working with Dirk the preview pics look hot

  2. christmaz
    christmaz says:

    Hola Jesse, is great honor salut a geat handsome mana s you are. like always like and follow your all comment. I´m surprise how quickly you are one of favorite of titanmen.. after four movies, wao!!!! that something. i read your answer to Peter about how hard can be a porn star, not deny you you right about is not easy, i mean, when the movie demand..
        i´m every movie you look better and better. Also this one LOUD AND NASTY you sharing scene with your boyfriend Dirk Caber, not really see the problem, but for many can be, like not really good because both are real couple…. but that´s ok… There´s many real couple work together….
        Otherwise the other articles like about you, for example, your training workout on the gym, was great for me, not too much, just the normally for keep in shape…
        hey Jesse have a question (respect to you)… when you in sex scene, how you do for keep longer your erection and not cum quickly, i mean, when you feel you cum you stop, think in something, practice, etc…

    • Jesse
      Jesse says:

      Hey there christmaz! Thank you for very much following! 🙂 One of the Titan directors told me that they don’t usually work with couples because the couples often act like they’re in their own homes, and while that’s really hot, it doesn’t necessarily translate to good porn (with all the starting and stopping required for repositioning of cameras, making sure that the camera can see in, etc). So it really throws off couples’ dynamic. Dirk and I understand this, though, so Titan was willing to give us a shot together. I’m really happy that they did, as is Dirk, and the Titan seemed to really like the result. I hope you do too! 😉
            In response to your question… I thought the same thing, at first… how am I going to last that long? I was really worried. But once I started filming, I realized it’s actually not that hard to keep from cumming. There’s so much going on, and so much to keep in mind, that a lot is going on in your head and it can even be difficult to cum sometimes? I’ve never had a problem where I thought I was going to cum too soon. (Okay, actually, that’s a lie. When I filmed with Jessy Ares, during the oral part of the scene he had me right on the edge once… what can I say, the man is fucking HOT and I was so excited to be working with him. At that point, I just asked to take a five minute break and splashed some cold water on my face. When I came back, I was fine… and the rest of the scene went amazingly well. I absolutely EXPLODED at the end of it, though.
            Thanks again for following my posts… really hope you like the scene with me and Dirk that comes out in a couple days!!

  3. José Moura-Santos on Facebook
    José Moura-Santos on Facebook says:

    “Check this out. Then check out this little tidbit on Jesse’s blog. Watch this space… we *might* just have one or two (or three or four or…) more of these to share! [jwplayer config=”Vertical” mediaid=”122″]
          We had a couple of hiccups when first posting the video. I hope it’s working more consistently now. If not, please let us know. :)”
          The only thing that isn’t working is Dick site. Receive all the time an error message! (lol)

    • Jesse
      Jesse says:

      Hey José… what is the error message, and when do you get it? I’ve heard of a couple people having problems and I’d love to fix it if I can.

  4. babakatt
    babakatt says:

    Love both the videos, here and on Dirk’s site. Thank you for sharing this personal part of your life your life.
    The HUGE news is great. 😀 Love it when couples are in in the scenes.It gives it a totally different kind of passion.

  5. Ben
    Ben says:

    you made a amateur vid to a hot porn movie 😉 Really Great, open guy and both are (i guess) versatile 😉 love it !

  6. Michael Austin
    Michael Austin says:

    Jesse; Your vocal response to Dirk must be VERRRRRY gratifying to him, If I could get that rise out of any guy I was fucking, rimming or otherwise enjoying there would be no living with me.


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