Tased and Contused

I know I promised more Dirk and Jesse home movies, and there will be more of us coming… soon. (Feel free to read that both ways.) Our plan is to release videos where I top on my blog, and where he tops on his blog. While I encode the videos for web distribution (compress them, add watermarks, etc, which takes a little time), I thought I’d share this behind-the-scenes video from Loud and Nasty, which comes out tomorrow only at TitanMen.com. Think of it as a teaser trailer (um, make that “taser trailer”). We had a LOT of fun filming this scene, and I think that comes through here. As Dirk so eloquently states at 0:43, “I’m in trouble.” Yes.. yes he is.

Be sure to check out the official preview and — for those of you who subscribe to TitanMen.com — full scene tomorrow, May 1! And if you’re not a subscriber… sign up now! By the way, “Tased and Contused” is the title I originally proposed for this movie, but unfortunately it didn’t gain any traction. Boo! 🙁

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