How to assemble a sling in under 30 seconds

Watch me set up my birthday present from Dirk — the very same sling we used at the Manhunt booth at IML — in under 30 seconds!! And be sure to catch Dirk and me in action in Titan’s Rough: Loud and Nasty, available in HD streaming video or on DVD exclusively from TitanMen!

The Sling, and Eros of Outrageous Fortune

Every year during Black Party weekend in New York, one of Dirk’s friends holds a used leather sale. He gets everyone he knows to donate old leather and fetish gear that they don’t use anymore; the money he makes selling it funds his participation in the AIDS Ride. Cool. This year, Dirk picked up a sweet neoprene vest and I got a camouflage jockstrap… but what I really wanted was a sling (with sling stand and carrying case) that was in great condition and priced at $250. Not having the cash on hand, I decided to go home for the night, sleep on it, and make a decision in the morning.

The next day, I asked Dirk to tell his friend that I’d decided to buy it. But, to my great disappointment, Dirk told me that it had already been sold! Sadly, I thought that an opportunity like that wouldn’t come along again.

Flash forward to IML 2012. Dirk and I were working for Manhunt, and I knew that the Manhunt guys were planning on setting up the sling they’d used at previous events (they’d sent me a picture of it a few months earlier… see the pic at right). When I arrived at the Manhunt booth on the first morning of IML, a sling had already been set up, but it looked considerably different from the one I’d been expecting. “All right,” I thought, “they must have brought a different one.”

Dirk and Hunter and I and the Manhunt boys had a lot of fun playing around in the sling all weekend… hanging off it, fucking in it, and even grabbing onto it while being flogged. It was a really great three days. At the end of the weekend, when it came time to break down the booth, I finally mentioned to Dirk that I thought the sling looked different from the one I’d seen in the pictures.

“Does it belong to Manhunt?” I asked.

“No,” he replied.

“Well then, whose is it?”

Dirk paused, then gave a wry smile. “It’s yours,” he beamed. “Happy birthday.”

Even though my birthday wasn’t for another month, Dirk had bought the sling in New York that I had wanted, shipped it to Chicago, set it up in the Manhunt booth (saving the Manhunt guys from having to ship their own sling… what a sweetheart!), and waited for the right moment to surprise me. And, at the end of IML weekend, that moment came. (Incidentally, later that night, so did we.) I love that man! :mrgreen:

Amusingly, I had a minor issue bringing it back to Boston with me this morning. The 87-pound bag must have drawn the attention of TSA agents in Chicago, because it was apparently opened and searched (see the pictures below). Maybe they were jealous! Fortunately, nothing’s missing from my bag and I’m still the proud owner of the best birthday present ever. 😀


My birthday present in its new home

Flogging, Fucking, and Farewell to IML

Here are three new videos I filmed at IML. Check out all my IML videos on Mancast! (Mobile users: Alternate links for the three videos here, here, and here.)

Pics from the Steamworks live show!

I’m sitting here at Steamworks using one of the public internet terminals and relaxing a bit after the live show that Dirk and I just finished. MAN did we have fun! We got here at 10 pm and hung around chatting with customers wearing nothing but our Titan jockstraps and boots. Here’s a couple pics of us from when we changed into our “uniform.”


Then at 11 pm we headed up to the third-floor gym (a very nice gym, by the way… and you get to work out naked!) to perform our live show, which was basically a reenactment of our scene in Loud and Nasty, but without the taser. We performed for 45 minutes… it went great and the audience really seemed to be into it. After the show, we hit the showers and then got a private room with a sling, which we shared with a couple of sexy Londoners we met earlier in the day. 😉

I was really struck by the professionalism of the staff at Steamworks and the overall quality of the services offered there (including that throat service that one customer in particular gave me). What an amazing club! We’d definitely work with them again. [Note: I wrote the text of this post from the club; I didn’t get a chance to upload the pics until the next day, which is why this was posted a day later.]

Here are some pictures from the live show that Steamworks graciously provided.