Meet Mack Manus & His Manly Man-Meat

Back in March I had the distinct pleasure of working with somewhat of a legend of the industry. Mack Manus has been acting in adult films, mostly in Europe, since the last millennium (his first appearance was in Cam-Am Productions’ German Matfuckers in 1999) and he founded the highly successful Paris-based Mack Studio in 2003 (which he still owns and operates). He’s previously starred in the Titan films Fist Deep (with my boyfriend!) and Sweat Equity, both of which you can watch online now.

Working with Mack was somewhat challenging at first because the language barrier posed a bit of a problem (my French is sketchy at best). Fortunately the language of sex is universal, and I think our scene in the new Titan feature Fast Friends turned out great! You can watch a free preview right now; the full scene will be available exclusively from TitanMen within a day or so.

Here’s a bunch of information about him from MySpace (I guess it’s still big in France!) … his profile’s in French, of course, but Google Translate did a pretty good job.


About Me: Director of, and actor in, gay porn movies. Obsessed with sex? Yes, certainly… but not in the way you might imagine.

I’d Like To Meet: God, Gaia, Mother Nature, or whatever name we choose to give to the being that knows our purpose here on Earth…

        Status: In a Relationship
        Hometown: Strasbourg, France
        Orientation: Bisexual
        Position: Top
        Body type: 5′ 8″/ Athletic
        Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
        Zodiac Sign: Gemini
        Children: Someday
        Smoke / Drink: No / No
        Education: Grad / Professional School
        Occupation: Director and Actor

General Interests: Learning the meaning of life; discovering the secret that love and hate are two sides of the same coin.

Music: Any style of music that brings joy and smiles when listening. I dislike any music that creates a feeling of hatred and anger in the minds of those who listen.

Movies: Heroic fantasy, science fiction, and any movie that makes you dream a better world. La Vie en Rose is probably the most moving movie I have ever seen.

Television: Funny series, science fiction, magic and witchcraft.

Books: Same as movies and TV.

Heroes: My parents made me what I am; I owe everything to them. They taught me that most important thing in life is to learn how to learn… because no one will take my place.

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