I wanna get fucked in YOUR bedroom!

It’s true! Titan has cast me for an upcoming scene on September 20th (a Thursday) and we’re looking for a bedroom to film in… and it could be yours! We’re searching for a furnished bedroom that’s large enough to fit 5 guys (2 performers and 3 production staff) and a modest amount of equipment. While a location in San Francisco proper would be ideal, anywhere in the Bay Area will be considered. I’m not allowed to reveal my scene partner yet, but I can guarantee you that this is going to be one of the hottest scenes ever. Trust me on this one… have I ever steered you wrong? :mrgreen:

The entire filming run is September 19-22, and while my bedroom scene will be on the 20th, there’s also the possibility of filming on other days during the run (I’m tentatively scheduled to film a second scene on the 21st, for example). For those scenes, we’re looking for a large kitchen and/or a “playroom”/dungeon. Titan’s small crew is courteous and professional and will leave your place looking at least as good as when they got there. You’ll be compensated for your inconvenience. And best of all, if you want… you’ll get to watch! (Just you, though… if you were to, say, invite 20 of your closest friends, we wouldn’t have enough space to film.)

If you’re interested, even if it’s just for one day — and wouldn’t mind watching a couple of Titan Men getting it on in YOUR bedroom — give Rich Dupler a shout at richdupler@titanmedia.com. He can provide references from previous location providers upon request.

I’m back with Titan for another year!

I have some great news! I just renewed my exclusivity agreement with Titan for another year! It’s a HUGE honor to be invited back, and I’m really, really excited!! You can read the press release here.

Exactly one year ago today — August 29, 2011 — I walked into the Titan studios for the very first time to film Surveillance (with fellow exclusive Hunter Marx, who is now a good friend of mine). I find it especially fitting that this announcement comes on the one year anniversary of my first scene!

When Titan contacted me last month about renewing my exclusivity agreement, to be honest I was initially torn. Working with Titan has been an amazing, life-altering experience, and everyone has been incredibly supportive, responsive, and respectful. That said, several other studios — major studios — have expressed interest in working with me once my exclusivity agreement ends. In my brief career I’ve only worked with Titan, so naturally a part of me is curious about what it would be like to film elsewhere. I felt like a kid who’s only had one boyfriend. Was I missing out on something?

I emailed Titan lead director Paul Wilde, who has become somewhat of an avuncular figure to me, to find out how things were going in the production department and tell him of my dilemma. He wrote back the most wonderful response. In it, he talked about finding his footing as the new Head of Production, told me about the filming run he’d just completed in LA, and described what it was like to transition to upper management (“It reminds me of going from being a pushy bottom to being the top, if you know what I mean,” he wrote). He also said that while he hoped I would renew, he recognized that the decision was an important one and reassured me that I could take all the time I needed. It was just so… human. At that moment I realized that Paul and the guys (Jasun, David, Brian, Marty, Bruce, Keith, TP, Vern, Finn… the list goes on and on) were more than just my employers. They were my friends now. And for a guy who’d only ever dated one studio, I actually had it pretty damn good. After that realization, signing on for another year was a no-brainer.

All of the scenes I’ve worked on at Titan have been fun to make and I’m extremely proud of the way they’ve turned out. Although the grape scene in François Sagat’s Incubus 2 was pretty amazing, I’d have to say that my favorite scene so far is the one I shot with my boyfriend Dirk Caber for Loud and Nasty. Dirk and I are crazy about each other; our connection is incredibly strong, and we have the most consistently mind-blowing sex I’ve ever experienced. I’m thrilled that we were able to share a little bit of that with the world, and I hope we get chance to film another Titan scene together someday!

Huge thanks to everyone at Titan for being so awesome, to all of my insanely hot scene partners, to my incredible boyfriend Dirk (read our story here)… and most of all to YOU the fans, because none of this would even be happening without your amazing support. I can’t wait to get started on Year Two! :mrgreen:

<3 Jesse P.S. I'm very happy to add that Hunter has just renewed his contract as well! Let me tell you, the guy's amazing. He's the very definition of a Titan man: kind, intelligent, and sexy as hell. I'm really stoked that he re-signed! [caption id="attachment_3840" align="alignnone" width="650"]Paul Wilde and me (and my new contract!) on the set of our latest film, codenamed “Beatbox”[/caption]

Hunter and I clean up after filming “Surveillance”

London’s britches falling down

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of filming a HOT outdoor scene with the very sexy and very large Anthony London. This towering stud (at 6′ 3″ he’s even taller than I am) lives in Los Angeles but originally hails from the UK… and few things turn me on more than a British accent! The guy’s an amazing kisser, and makes plenty of eye contact (two more huge turn-ons for me). We really connected right from the start. Anthony’s relatively new to the industry, but I have a feeling this hunk o’ Brit beef is gonna go far. Check him out on Facebook and follow him on Twitter @AnthonyLondon5!

The scene will be released in a couple of months only at TitanMen.com.

Pictures from Manhunt Jockstrap Night at Exile Bar in Columbus, Ohio

Last weekend Dirk and I ventured to Columbus, Ohio to participate in Manhunt Jockstrap Night at the fabulous Exile Bar. The game was simple: Drop your pants, let us help you put on a jock, and you get to keep it. We gave away hundreds of ’em. And at the end of the night, I auctioned off my jock for $100 to benefit the Columbus Lesbian & Gay Softball Association. (I play a lot of team sports, so I was only too happy to help support a good cause!) Thanks to Manhunt and Exile for sponsoring such a fun event!

And now for some pics (courtesy of the official Manhunt Flickr stream)…