Casey Williams gets a crash course in the BJ DJ booth

Here’s some behind-the-scenes footage from the set of TitanMen’s STROBE! Shot at a major dance club in San Francisco in August and September of 2012, the film revolves around the events taking place one evening as the night unfolds. I play one of the club bartenders who takes a liking to sexy DJ Casey Williams… and then I get to live out a personal fantasy of mine: giving the DJ a BJ in the DJ booth! (And we don’t stop there.)

Casey doesn’t have any DJ experience, so resident Titan musicologist DiscoPup gave him a crash course in spinning. Check out this behind-the-scenes video, shot by yours truly:

You can watch a six minute XXX preview of my scene with Casey for free! Just click here. Then watch the whole thing (and the rest of Titan’s 5000+ other scenes) instantly with your Titan membership (as little as 27 cents a day for all that porn… great deal, eh? It’s worth noting that STROBE also features the Titan debut of one Mr. Samuel Colt. Check out his scene with Titan exclusive George Ce here.

Ce and Colt

George Ce and Samuel Colt in TitanMen’s “STROBE” (click here for a free XXX preview)…

… and a few pics from my scene with Casey Williams (watch it here):

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This post is all about ME! Well… me and the 971 other TitanMen. But first… ME! 😉   Here are all my Titan extended previews, all in one place, for your viewing pleasure:


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By the way, I’ve filmed a whopping six more scenes already (they’ll start coming out just before Christmas) and will be shooting again very soon, so there’ll be lots more of me to watch over the next year. 😉

FYI, the previews above are for the following films (you can click on any of these links for additional information about that movie): Surveillance (and the bonus watersports scene), Command Performance, Incubus 2: The Final Chapter, Loud and Nasty, and Fast Friends.

The Ghost of Halloween Past

Here’s some more special “pledge drive” content for you. (Reminder: Titan’s big $99/year Halloween sale ends in just 48 hours!) So last weekend when I was hunting around my mom’s basement I found this pic of me that was taken on Halloween night in 1980. Yikes.

Here are some pictures of a few other Halloween costumes I’ve worn over the years: Fireman, cowboy, Raggedy Ann (the group was all famous “Ann”s or “Anne” or “Annie”s), 1980s gym teacher, celtic gladiator, and “pigskin pigs.” What’s your favorite?