The Ghost of Halloween Past

Here’s some more special “pledge drive” content for you. (Reminder: Titan’s big $99/year Halloween sale ends in just 48 hours!) So last weekend when I was hunting around my mom’s basement I found this pic of me that was taken on Halloween night in 1980. Yikes.

Here are some pictures of a few other Halloween costumes I’ve worn over the years: Fireman, cowboy, Raggedy Ann (the group was all famous “Ann”s or “Anne” or “Annie”s), 1980s gym teacher, celtic gladiator, and “pigskin pigs.” What’s your favorite?

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  1. christian
    christian says:

    Well, Jess, i love when you wear viking costum ( i guess), really you look super and amazing and really a real viking, ja!ja!ja!.. Other costum you wear i love, is where you wear a pants color orange, like peace and love.

    My suggest as fan your about what you can wear this year. hummm, could be a terminator wear. need leave grow your beard little more, moustache. use black jacket sunglass, sexy jean, wich normallly looking good in you..

    • Jesse
      Jesse says:

      Oh, that’s a good idea! Dirk and I could do a tandem thing… he could be Kyle Reese and I’d be the original Terminator… or maybe Sarah Connor, LOL!

      I did wear a “peace and love” costume once, and a gladiator one, but those were for parties and not for Halloween. 🙂


  2. Edwin Koh & Agustin Fernandez Galvez
    Edwin Koh & Agustin Fernandez Galvez says:

    Hi Jesse
    You look good in every one of them, very photogenic. Don’t know how you do it 🙂
    How bout something oriental, a half naked samurai, or something Aussie rules, Aussie life saver.


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