Darkness falls: Announcing Jasun Mark’s “NIGHTFALL”

Finally, after months of planning, production, and painstaking post-production… Jasun Mark’s NIGHTFALL has arrived! The film, Jasun’s first as a Titan director, stars TitanMen exclusives Dario Beck and Jessy Ares, as well as Alessio Romero, Jecht Parker, Scott Hunter, and “Thomas” … who’s so freakin’ hot that he only needs one name! (Seriously, when I saw the preview, my first thought was “Who the hell is that stud?!” And now we’re on a first-name basis. LOL!) NIGHTFALL is now shipping on DVD, and scene one (with my buddy Alessio Romero and that sexy “Thomas”) is currently available for streaming in its entirety. There’s also a cumshot compilation.

Here’s an extended two-minute X-rated preview for you to drool over:

Jasun and I started at Titan around the same time; we first met on the set of Incubus 2. He’s become a great friend, and I’m really happy for him and excited about this film’s release. Go Jasun!!!


First Look: Action pics from STROBE

I just saw a rough cut of the trailer for STROBE, Titan’s big holiday blockbuster that comes out next month… and it looks pretty awesome! I can’t share the full trailer just yet, but I did get permission to post some screen grabs from it. The feature stars my fellow TitanMen exclusives Jessy Ares and George Ce, along with Casey Williams, Marcus Isaacs, Samuel Colt (in his Titan debut)… and me! :mrgreen:  Look for STROBE in mid-December only at TitanMen.com!

Sunday evening Q&A

I was recently interviewed by Tat2dgy (a.k.a. Richard, who snapped this pic of us at this year’s Folsom Street Fair) for his excellent blog Tat2dgy Vues the Industry. We talked about my personal life, my growing interest in exhibitionism… and my ultimate porn fantasy. With his permission, I’m reposting the interview in its entirety here. Be sure to check out Richard’s blog at tat2dvues.blogspot.com!

How — if at all — has being in the adult industry changed your views about sex?

    The entire experience has been incredibly liberating. Sex was never really talked about in my family when I was growing up, and coming out proved very challenging for me. Eventually I came to accept myself, and even be proud of my sexuality. Once I realized this, I became a lot more relaxed about sex and have found that I enjoy it more than ever. Working in the industry is just a natural extension of that for me; I’m becoming more comfortable with myself all the time.

How — if at all — has your experience in porn changed your view of yourself?

    I have a motto of sorts: “In Porno Veritas.” I’ve learned a lot about myself through my work in the industry. For example, I realized that I’m a far more confident person than I’ve ever given myself credit for, and with that confidence comes a level of pride I never thought I could attain. I don’t just make porn; I make the very best porn I possibly can, and I’m damn proud of that fact… which means that I can be proud of who I am, no matter what I choose to do.

    Deciding to enter the industry was a difficult, but measured, choice on my part, because it pushed me considerably outside of my comfort zone. However, I’ve found over and over again that when I venture out of my comfort zone I’m rewarded immensely; as someone once said, “Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb; that’s where the fruit is.” (That quote has been attributed to Mark Twain, Will Rogers, Jimmy Carter, Mother Theresa, and any number of other people… but that doesn’t make it any less valid!)

What — if anything — had you fantasized about that you got to experience thanks to your experience in porn?

    I’d say it’s having sex in public. I’d always been a fairly private person when it came to my sex life. Performing in front of a small film crew for the first time was difficult, but was also an eye-opener. I had to keep reminding myself that these guys were professionals and have seen all this stuff before; that made it easier. As I grew more comfortable and the performance anxiety subsided, I started exploring exhibitionism outside of the studio. Last May, my boyfriend Dirk Caber and I did a live show at Steamworks in Chicago, and more recently I got a blow job on stage from both Dirk and Rowdy Worth in front of several thousand people at the Magnitude party in San Francisco. I loved it!

What — if anything — in the porn industry do you want to experience that you’ve not already done?

    I haven’t filmed a three-way (or more-than-three-way) scene yet, which is something I’d love to do. Also, I’d give my left nut (well… not really) to be in a sports-themed film, given my rather broad sports experience (I’ve played football, rugby, hockey, baseball, basketball, rugby… just to name a few).

Based on your interaction with fans, do people have any misconceptions about you? If so, what are they?

    Most people, oddly enough, assume I live in either San Francisco or LA, and live some sort of glamorous porn star lifestyle, whatever that is. Believe me, I appreciate the pretty awesome life I’m enjoying right now… not only do I get to fuck some of the hottest guys on the planet, I’ve met lots of amazing people all over the country. But when it comes down to it, I’m just your average guy. I own a home, have a steady job, great friends… it’s a good, stable life I live here. (In Boston, by the way.)

    Another misconception is that, even though I might look the part, I hardly consider myself to be a “daddy” like most people think I am. I may pushing 40, but I’m still a young ‘un at heart!

Do you have a favorite type of scene partner — or a favorite scene partner — to work with?

    They’ve all been great — Titan’s paired me with some of the most amazingly hot, smart, sweet, sexy men I’ve ever met — but there’s only one real answer here: My boyfriend Dirk. He rocks my world, both on-screen and off.

What — if anything — would you shy away from doing onscreen?

    Some of the more fetish-oriented stuff would be difficult for me. I’d probably shy away from fisting, scat, sounding… that sort of thing. That said, Titan is a safe environment to try new things with established experts, so I’d be open to most anything else. I never thought I’d like electro play, for example, but when I was first introduced to it in the Titan Rough film Loud and Nasty, I actually really liked it. I even bought a violet wand and have been using it at home.

How — if at all — has your porn career been effected by your non-porn career/job (or how has your non-porn career/job been affected by porn)?

    The two are, in fact, quite complementary. My “day job” gives me the flexibility to fly out to San Francisco, film a couple of scenes, and come right home (usually on the red-eye) to resume my normal responsibilities. Titan, also, has been great at working around my schedule. I’ve only faced one significant challenge: Last year, someone sent an anonymous (and somewhat threatening) letter of complaint to my day job’s Customer Affairs department; the letter called for my termination on the grounds that I make porn — how salacious! — in my spare time. My company’s response, though, was amazing. You can read the whole story here: http://jessejackmanxxx.com/2012/10/15/adversity-advocacy-and-affirmation

What is one thing about you that your fans might be surprised by?

    I may look tough, but I’m a total teddy bear at heart… although I suppose anyone who reads my blog or follows me on Facebook can figure that out pretty quickly.

How — if at all — has your porn career affected your relationship?

Do you get recognized when you’re out in your home city?

    Occasionally… and probably more than I hear about. I’m not shy about telling people about my side job, so I’m pretty sure a lot of people are aware of it, especially in inherently social places like the gym. Boston can be a rather reserved city, though, so while I think some people might know me as “that porn guy,” they’d never actually say anything about it to me directly. There’s a lot more to me than just the fact that I make porn, but I think a lot of people don’t see that; all they see is the guy who has sex on screen. It’s a bit frustrating.

Where can your fans see your work?

Erection results

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Friday Night JO

The $99/year sale ends tomorrow (November 5), and as you know I always try to post some special content for you guys during the big sales. When I got home from the gym the other night I was really horny so I started jerking off… but as I was getting close I thought it would be fun to film my cumshot for you guys, so I broke out the laptop. Hope you guys like this quick-n-dirty video!

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