Eye Contact

Here are a couple of screen grabs from my scene with Casey Williams in STROBE. I eye him from across the club and walk up to him. We make eye contact, and suddenly time slows down, the music comes to a near halt, and… well, you’ll have to wait until the full scene comes out to see what happens next. You won’t have to wait long, though: The third and final scene from STROBE comes out on New Year’s Day! (Scenes one and two are available now!)

STROBE, Scene 2: Jessy Ares and Marcus Isaacs — SIX MINUTE free preview

“Headed to the back room after working up a sweat, Jessy Ares needs some fluid from bartender Marcus Isaacs. Jessy eyes the cutie’s ass and jockstrap peeking out of his shorts: ‘Mind if I take a closer look at this?’ he asks. The tattooed Marcus happily obliges, offering his hole. Jessy gets to work, rubbing, kissing, and spreading it open as he dives his scruffy chin inside. ‘That’s a beautiful ass… push that hole out for me… nice!’ Jessy releases his rock-hard boner, whipping it on the bartender’s ass. Marcus turns around and drops down, sucking the red-hot slab and beating it on his face. ‘Choke on it! Nice!’ shouts Jessy as he fucks his face, Marcus gagging on it as his own hard cock peeks out of his jockstrap. ‘Come on boy!’ encourages Jessy, who turns his bud around, grabs his jock, and fucks him hard and fast, with the bottom’s ass-hairs clinging to Jessy’s shaft. Marcus gets on his back, grabbing the top’s chest as he gets plowed. The two squirt, Jessy’s big load hitting Marcus on the shoulder.”

I swear, when I grow up I’m gonna be a porn writer. 😉

The entire 36-minute scene is available in HD right now for TitanMen subscribers; just click here. Not a Titan member? Sign up now and the special holiday sale price of just $99/year… only $8.25 a month! By the way, the third and final scene of STROBE — my scene with Casey Williams — comes out next week. WOO HOO!!!!

(Having trouble watching the preview? Try this link instead.)


My official promo pics from STROBE

Here they are… my official promotional stills from STROBE! I’m very excited for the release of this scene next week!! Just a friendly reminder that you can buy STROBE on DVD here, and Titan subscribers can already watch scene 1 with Samuel Colt and George Ce right here (the additional scenes will be released in the next week or so). Not a Titan subscriber? Watch free extended STROBE previews here, then sign up for the low holiday price of $99 for an entire year — it’s usually $29.95 a month, so that’s a great deal — but it’s only available through the end of the year!

As a holiday bonus, I’m also posting my super hot scene partner Casey Williams’ promo stills. Enjoy… and happy holidays!

Sexy Scott Hunter in “Nightfall”

Scott Hunter, who stars with TitanMen exclusive Jessy Ares in Jasun Mark’s Nightfall, was kind enough to profile me on his most excellent website, Scott-Hunter.com (read the post here)… so I thought I’d return the favor. Scott and I have never met in person, but Dirk has nothing but good things to say about him, and I he seems incredibly smart, friendly (in our online interactions anyway), and sexy as all fuck. I’m a big fan of his performance in Nightfall. Jasun hinted on Twitter that he’s intrigued by the idea of a Scott-and-Jesse scene:

… or, perhaps, the honey who got the bear. 😉  So who knows… you might see us together in a scene one day. In the meantime, here’s a bunch of production stills from Scott and Jessy’s scene in Nightfall. Watch the whole film here! The DVD is also available for purchase from this link.

STROBE, Scene 1: George Ce and Samuel Colt — SIX MINUTE free preview

“With his giant pecs peeking through his tank, Samuel Colt smiles at hunky George Ce — the club music drawing them closer as they finally kiss. George licks all over Samuel, dropping down as the stud’s cock is released. George gets it slick, Samuel bending down for a kiss before cupping his balls for the sucker. Samuel feasts on George’s chest before engulfing his massive cock, a thick uncut beauty that pops out of his jeans. Samuel instantly buries his mustache hairs to George’s pubes. George lets out a moan, guiding the breathless sucker’s head down in an impressive sequence. The two kiss, their cocks grazing and poking each other. Samuel eats his bud, then fucks him from behind — wrapping his arms around the bottom, who arches back for a kiss. Samuel gets on his back and opens his hole, grabbing hold of George’s pec as he gets rammed deep. The two stroke out their loads, Samuel’s thighs soaked as they share a kiss.”

Sounds fun. :mrgreen:

Itching for more? You can watch the whole 32-minute scene in HD right now… just click here! Not a Titan member? Sign up now and get instant, unlimited access for as little as $14.95/month.

By the way, if you’re having trouble viewing the above preview, try this link instead. (Thanks Jim T!)