Dirk blows a load at the IML Marketplace

My hubby Dirk Caber got tied up for Bound Jocks at the IML marketplace today, giving our friend Dolan Wolf the chance to have a little fun with him. Sadly, I could not participate. That’s okay though… I’ll get my turn later tonight <grin>. I’ve posted the video to the left and a couple of bonus pics below.

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Boingy boingy boingy…

Titan director Jasun Mark just posted this video he shot of me and Johnny Parker on the set of his new feature (codenamed “Hallway”). I have no words.

Update: The movie has been released (renamed as Wide Awake) and you can watch it here!

Dirk does Heavy Duty with Hunter Marx

I’d like to congratulate my hubby Dirk Caber on the completion of his latest Titan Rough film Heavy Duty! His scene with Hunter Marx comes out on May 28, one week from today. Check out this sweet two minute preview, but be warned… it’s not for the faint of heart:

The first scene, starring Anthony London and Thor, is already available in streaming HD… click here to watch it now. It’s a really hot scene, and Thor takes Anthony’s fist (and more) like a champ. The film also stars Adam Russo (my scene partner from Down and Dirty) and Aymeric Deville… that sounds like a winning scene to me!

Here are some pics from the photo session that Dirk and Hunter also shot that day. Enjoy! By the way, they’re wearing the Mr. S neoprene sport wrestler and sensory hood… click each of those links to see more pics!

A Hair-Razing Experience

Shaving in the MirrorI’ve been shaving my head for almost 10 years… and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my barbers (sensible Vicki and her insane cousin Mark… or, as he pronounced it, “Maaaaahk”), but I can’t say I miss trekking all the way out to Roslindale every 6 weeks or so to sit around waiting for an hour; Vicki and Maaaaahk were quite talented, but as a result had tons of customers. Besides, I’d been steadily losing my hair for a couple of years, so they really had very little to do.

The first day I shaved it was July 3, 2003… my 30th birthday. I was completely prepared, having done my research and bought one of these (which I still use from time to time). I was kind of embarrassed… so when I met my friends for dinner that night, I wore a baseball cap. My friend Jamie must have suspected something; “Let’s see it,” he instructed almost immediately. So I reluctantly removed the lid. The reaction, much to my surprise, was positive; my friends loved my new look.

I had been afraid of losing my hair; I’d even tried Rogaine in my late 20s, but to no avail. At first I thought that shaving my head was the ultimate sign of defeat: alopecia had won. I quickly learned to embrace my new look, though. Soon I grew a goatee to pair with the bald noggin (they were especially popular in 2004; I remember most of the hockey players in the NHL playoffs were favoring them over the more traditional “playoff beard”). Within a couple of years, the goatee had become a beard, which I’ve had ever since. I’m pretty happy with the way I look now, and don’t foresee changing it anytime soon. Bald is beautiful! These days I shave about 2 or 3 times a week; in fact, I shaved my head just this morning, and took the above pic when I did.

I’ve posted some more pics of my various stages of shaved-headedness below, plus a video that Titan director Jasun Mark filmed of me shaving my head on the set of Incubus 2.