Dirk blows a load at the IML Marketplace

My hubby Dirk Caber got tied up for Bound Jocks at the IML marketplace today, giving our friend Dolan Wolf the chance to have a little fun with him. Sadly, I could not participate. That’s okay though… I’ll get my turn later tonight <grin>. I’ve posted the video to the left and a couple of bonus pics below.

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  1. Craig
    Craig says:

    That was hot, wasn’t expecting the part where Dolan sucked Dirks dick……Could tel Dirk enjoyed it, can’t wait to see how you top that…..it made my dick so hard the snaps on my cock strap almost popped off

  2. Reader
    Reader says:

    Completely off topic but I was just reading your blog and had a question. You mentioned in one of your posts that you still work your full time job while working for Titan. Does that mean you only film on weekends or do you have flexibility from your full-time job in terms of scheduling? Does Titan fly you out every time? I’m just curious how it all works.

    • Jesse
      Jesse says:

      Thanks for writing in! Both Titan and my “day job” are actually really great about this. Titan always gives me at least one month notice before we film, and are awesome about working around my schedule, and I’ve been at my day job for over 20 years so I have plenty of vacation time saved up. Sometimes we film on weekends, but more often it’s during the week. Typically I’ll fly out there after work on, say, a Monday, film for two days, take the red eye home on Wednesday night. I’m back at work having only missed two days. Works out great!

  3. Ben Robbins
    Ben Robbins says:

    He was grimacing so much that I do believe he loved having his tit bitten…hard. And a blowjob as well. “Hard” day.


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