The London Bounce

Dirk’s shooting with Men at Play this afternoon, so we decided to get our workout in early… and I caught him doing this. So I filmed it. Call it a celebratory dance for the repeal of DOMA. But still… what a goofball.


So, last night in Vauxhall…

So yeah… last night in Vauxhall, this happened. Dirk scored a gig at this really cool club named Lightbox for a really fun event called District XXX. The place has an amazing lighting system; it’s loaded with lasers and covered from floor to ceiling with programmable LEDs. My lucky hubby got to roll around on stage with a really hunky porn star named Yohann Banks. We’d never met him before but we’re hoping to see more of him in the very near future, if you know what I mean. <grin> Check out the videos and pics below. Did I ever mention we love our jobs?

Tonight we’re off to the London Eagle with our buddies Scott Hunter, Dolan Wolf, and famous international DJ Jack Chang for an event called R18… stop by if you can, won’t you? For those of you who can’t make it, I hope to have some more pics and vids tomorrow; I hear this party can get quite raunchy so they ought to be good. 😉

More promo pics from my scene in Scruf than you can shake your stick at

Gotta keep this short and sweet – I leave for London in the morning and I still need to pack! – so here are all the official Titan promo photos from my scene with Anthony London in the new film Scruf. Once you see ’em, you’ll understand why I love being in London… in more ways than one. 😉   Click here to watch the scene in HD.


It’s here! Scene 3 from SCRUF with me and Anthony London, with a free preview!

After months of anticipation, I’m thrilled to announce the release of my ninth* and latest TitanMen scene… scene 3 from SCRUF! We shot it on location, entirely outdoors, last August (at the same time as Strobe) about an hour outside San Francisco. In addition to me and the sexy (and, at 6′ 3″ tall, fucking huge) Anthony London, the scene features a third actor, who goes only by the name “Eric”, in his Titan debut. While Eric’s appearance is just a brief cameo, this fetching young actor — with his puppy-dog eyes, dogged determination, and thick blonde fur — surely has a long run ahead of him in the industry. Woof!

You can watch the full scene right here… and check out some promo stills and behind-the-scenes pics below!

[*Actually, it’s my 10th film, if you count my cameo in François Sagat’s Incubus. Here’s the full list: Surveillance, Command Performance, Incubus, Incubus 2, Loud and Nasty, Fast Friends, Strobe, Down and Dirty, Extra Firm, and now Scruf… with plenty more to come! You can watch them all with your Titan membership, so sign up now!]

More Rogan and Dario: The XXX preview & 30 action pics from TitanMen’s “Scruf”

The guys at Titan just sent me a treasure trove of pics and video from Rogan Richards and Dario Beck’s scene in Scruf for me to share with you! Here’s the official scene 2 trailer and a whopping 30 action pics and promotional stills. Check ’em out below. Remember… Titan subscribers can watch the scene in its entirety, in HD, right now! If you’re not a subscriber, sign up now for instant access.