The Homme Stretch

Even we professional cocksuckers wear out eventually. This outtake was shot on the set of the brand new film Wide Awake (now available exclusively from TitanMen). I’d been deep-throating Johnny Parker for a good 20 minutes when my jaw started to ache, so I paused for a moment to stretch, knowing that it could be edited out of the scene later. T.P. Deaux, who who’s edited most of my scenes to date, decided to have a little fun with the discarded material, and sent me the above clip in an email entitled “NSFW… Open Wide!” All I can say is… UGH! I look like I’m some kind of possessed demon! Next thing you know my head’ll start spinning around.

dvd11_wideawakeYou can watch the entire scene — with this outtake mercifully edited out — right now with your TitanMen membership (non-members can watch a free XXX preview here). Wide Awake also features TitanMen exclusive George Ce, Adam Champ, Justin King, and new exclusive Nick Prescott in his TitanMen debut.

If you’re not a Titan subscriber, what are you waiting for? Sign up for unlimited TitanMen access today for the special summer sale price of $99 for an entire year (usually $360) and stream or download Wide Awake now… plus you’ll instantly have access to the entire TitanMen video library (over 5,000 scenes). It’s a muscle and fur all-you-can-eat buffet for just $8.25 a month. (If you prefer, you can get a single month for $29.95, or three months for $21.95/month.)

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