DICK DANGER, Scene 2: Hunter “Matches” Marx and Jake “Backscratch” Genesis… Free preview and 30 all-new pics!

Scene two of Dick Danger was just released at TitanMen.com! The tension heats up as Hunter “Matches” Marx probes his prisoner, Jake “Backscratch” Genesis, for information. The scene was filmed in November of 2012, shortly before Jake’s departure from the industry. Dick Danger has been in post-production ever since, but it was worth the wait; the film has the look and feel of a 1960s graphic novel, a result of some video editing wizardry that apparently stretched Titan’s servers to the limit. It looks really, really cool. And the look on Jake’s face when he’s about to cum… and all the grunting… and Hunter’s furry body… hmm, I think I’m gonna go watch it again right now.

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And now… here are a whopping 30 brand new promotional stills and action shots from Hunter and Jake’s scene. Enjoy!


Importing Wallabies to the Swedes: A “Dick Danger” Blooper

Ever wonder why Dick Danger was once called the “untitled wallaby feature?” Rogan Richards, my scene partner in the film, hails from Sydney; in our scene, his character (appropriately named “Ozman Logan”) orders the interrogation of a rival mobster. Director Jasun Mark asked him to ad-lib some dialogue… “something Australian,” Jasun said, wanting to play up Rogan’s sexy Aussie accent. Much to everyone’s surprise, Rogan uttered a line about importing wallabies to Sweden… causing the entire crew to burst out laughing (and momentarily interrupting production). It was hilarious. And infectious. Jasun decided to run with the line, asked for several more takes with the same dialogue (stifling laughter each time), and edited it into the final cut. And until Dick Danger had an official title, everyone called it “Wallaby.”

When the movie was finally completed, I begged and begged to get a copy of the original “wallabies to Sweden” outtake. And editor T.P. Deaux came through for me! So here, my friends, is the original unedited footage of Rogan Richards single-handedly changing the plot of the film with just six little words: “Import wallabies to the fuckin’ Swedes.” Enjoy!

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“DICK DANGER” is here! Here’s a free preview, 32 all-new pics of me and Rogan Richards, and an exclusive statement by director Jasun Mark!

“His name’s Danger, but you can call him Dick… and Dick always gets his man.”

Jasun Mark’s graphic novel/porn epic Dick Danger was finally released yesterday after nearly 18 months of production and post-production… and it was totally worth the wait! From the opening credits to the sweet comic book segues to the super-saturated look-and feel of the sex scenes to the final closing “stinger” (featuring a special uncredited appearance by a TitanMen favorite), the film really is a work of art. And the sex is HOT. I know… I was there!  

“This is my ‘Gay Porn Graphic Novel’ movie,” says Jasun. “It’s not a heavy story or anything… it’s just me finally making good on my horny college boy dream of making a gay porn version of the crime scene comics I loved reading. It’s got a very stylized, saturated color look to it. I’ve told the ‘story’ with actual comic panels between scenes and let the actual sex scenes be what they should be… hot Titan Men fucking. It looks like a comic book come to life; I got creative with post production which took me about a year and a half to get right. But it was worth it. Can’t wait for you all to see it.”

Check out the free XXX preview of Dick Danger at the top of this post; I’m also including a whopping 32 preview and promotional stills from the film below. You can watch my scene with Rogan Richards in glorious 780p with your Titan membership; you can also download it to keep at no extra charge! Not a Titan member? Sign up today for as little as $9.95! You can also order Dick Danger on DVD from the TitanMen Store.

Dirk Caber: Beautiful, Buff, Blond… and Beardless?

I have a confession to make. When the all-new compliation The Best of Joe Gage: Men in Uniform came out last week, I posted a beardless promotional photo of my seldom-shaven hubby, Dirk Caber, on Facebook. Joe had asked Dirk to shave his beard for his scene with Roman Wright in Jury Duty, which was selected for the compilation. Well… the picture I posted was Photoshopped. I had a good reason, though: I wouldn’t have been allowed to post it to Facebook otherwise. Here’s the actual photo alongside the edited, G-rated version I posted last week:
Beardless Dirk x2

I like the one on the left much better.

Beardless photos of my hubby are quite rare; in fact, I’m not kidding when I tell you that the only ones I’ve ever seen – even from his personal life – are the ones in the promo stills from The Best of Joe Gage: Men in Uniform and Jury Duty:

You can watch my beardless hubby in streaming HD right now with your Titan membership. Not a member? Join today! Or you can buy The Best of Joe Gage: Men in Uniform on DVD for the special sale price of just $19.00.

By the way… although I don’t have any other pictures of a beardless Dirk, this whole thing got me thinking about other pictures I have of my hunky hubby with odd hair, facial or otherwise. I’ve posted a few of my favorites below. Enjoy.

Crazy Hair and Sousaphone

Dirk as Siegfried and Mini-Me

Dirk Bald and Thuggish

Live from the Set, Day 2: “The Scrum That Made Me Cum”


Day Two of filming with my hubby Dirk and the TitanMen crew saw a very different take on the locker room theme. While Day One‘s scene, directed by Jasun Mark for the TitanMen flagship line, employed the “let’s fuck in the locker room while no one’s watching” motif, the second day really focused on fetishizing the gym gear itself. Directed by lead director Paul Wilde for the Titan Rough series, the scene features a pair of rugby players (played by me and Dirk, of course) who really get into worshipping each others’ rugby gear (collectively called a “kit”). There’s plenty of jock-sniffing, boot-licking, and good old-fashioned sucking-‘n-fucking. In kits. There’s even a healthy dose of watersports.

I think you’re gonna like it.

This particular scene was especially true-to-life for me. I played rugby for several years when I was younger and would often fantasize about the other players, hoping they’d do nasty things to me in the locker room after the match. And, once in a while, they did. It was awesome to be able to play out my real-life experiences (and fantasies) in front of the camera. In fact, all of the gear in the scene belongs to me; the whole rugby theme was my idea. You’re welcome!

This as-yet-untitled Titan Rough feature will be available exclusively from TitanMen soon. In the meantime, here are some behind-the-scenes photos… and be sure to check out the other Titan Rough scene that Dirk and I shot together, Loud and Nasty! (TitanMen subscribers can stream or download our entire 52-minute Loud and Nasty scene here. Not a subscriber? Watch a free preview of our scene, then sign up today for instant access!)





Standing 01

Standing 02