And the winner of this morning’s “Best Ass” contest is…

Dirk Caber. (I’m biased, of course.) To see his ass in action, check this out… NSFW, naturally.

Dirk's Ass

Fast Paced scene 3 with Nick Prescott and George Ce is one of the hottest scenes I’ve ever watched.

Wow. Whenever I watch this scene I instantly get hard. I’ve always thought that both George Ce and Nick Prescott are insanely hot, so when I heard that these two fellow TitanMen exclusives were doing a scene together my head almost exploded. I’d been looking forward to it for a while, but now that it’s out it’s actually exceeded my expectations. All that sweaty grunting, watching George’s thick cock pound that hot ass and seeing Nick’s whole body tense up as he shoots his load… well, let’s just say that when Dirk was away last week I jerked off to this scene like a billion times. (One of the perks of being a Titan exclusive is that I get an early look at all the films. Not bad, eh?)

Fast Paced (which also stars Trenton Ducati, Jake Genesis, JR Bronson, and Marcus Ruhl) is out now. Stream or download the full movie here with your Titan membership. Not a member? Sign up now for instant access to this and over 5,000 other scenes!

As a bonus, here’s a bunch of pics from the scene for your spank bank.

Dirk discovers string cheese

Here’s a video of my hubby Dirk trying string cheese for the first time. I know, right? Actually, he’d tried it before but never knew you could tear it off in those little strands. I was all too happy to educate him, especially since he was willing to share it with me.


Fast Paced, Scene 2: The “official” promo pics and trailer


The other day I shared the trailer from scene 2 of Fast Paced, Titan’s new muscle-packed film, starring hairy studs Marcus Ruhl and JR Bronson. The official promotional photos hasn’t been made available yet, though, so I took a bunch of screen captures from the HD streaming video and posted them for you. Well, as of a few minutes ago the official pics have been released, so it’s my pleasure to share them with you now. And if you want to watch or download the full scene, you can do so here with your Titan membership. Not a member? Watch the trailer now, then sign up today to see these muscle studs in action.

Fast Paced, Scene 2: JR Bronson and Marcus Ruhl

Scene 2 from TitanMen’s new feature FAST PACED is here! The above preview is over two minutes long, definitely NSFW, and features muscle studs JR Bronson and Marcus Ruhl fucking on a workbench. HOT! You can stream and download the full scene here with your Titan membership. Not a member? Sign up today!

Last week I introduced you to scene 1 starring Trenton Ducati and Jake Genesis; next week’s finale is a clash of the Titan exclusives with George Ce and Nick Prescott. This film has the hottest collection of muscle studs I think I’ve ever seen in a single Titan film! You can watch both scenes in their entirety here; FAST PACED on DVD is also shipping from the TitanMen Store.

Here’s a bunch of exclusive pics from the scene. Enjoy!