Me, Dirk, Jay Bentley, and the men of Heavy Load: All-new XXX pics!

Heavy Load

Later this week, Titan is releasing the all-new feature HEAVY LOAD, and Dirk and I are in it! This’ll be my 19th film, all with Titan, and my scene partner in this one is another Titan exclusive, Jay Bentley. He’s a super-sexy Southern gentleman and we connected really well on set; he’d only recently signed with Titan when we filmed this scene and I think ours was just the second or third one he’d ever filmed. It was fun breaking him in!

Heavy Load Promo Pic - Jesse Jackman   Heavy Load Promo Pic - Jay Bentley
HL Bentley Jackman 01

Heavy Load also features my amazing hubby Dirk Caber in a scene with his good buddy Felix Barca. (Check out Felix’s hot scene with George Ce in After Hours.) I have some cool behind-the-scenes photos from Dirk and Felix’s shoot that I’ll post when their scene is released to Titan video-on-demand next week.

Heavy Load Promo Pic - Dirk Caber   Heavy Load Promo Pic - Felix Barca
HL Caber Barca 01

Rounding out the cast are Mack Manus and Hans Berlin. Mack’s something of a legend in the industry; he and I were in Fast Friends together (that scene where I wore my glasses). While neither Dirk or I have ever filmed with Hans, we know him well and love hanging out with him whenever we get a chance. I’m so thrilled that Heavy Load has such an amazing cast!

Heavy Load Promo Pic - Mack Manus   Heavy Load Promo Pic - Hans Berlin
HL Manus Berlin 01

HEAVY LOAD comes this week to Titan video-on-demand and the Titan Store. Check back soon for updates!

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3 replies
  1. Robert Alvarez
    Robert Alvarez says:

    Yes, Jesse, if I was surrounded by all these men, I, too, would have a smile that would fill my entire face.

    However, on me, I would look like a drug-addled fiend, but on you (surprise, surprise!), it makes you look sexier, and more like “sex on a stick!”

    I devoured what you wrote, so I know I need to go back and reread the post, but slowly, next time.

    Thank you for all you do, and have a great day.

  2. James
    James says:

    You were the one “breaking him in?” Talk about starting at the top. I’m gonna go enjoy the image I just got of you as some perv casting-couch director who insists of checking the merchandise by making them pass an oral exam before you send them on. Isn’t it frightening how little you actually have to say to get my dirty mind going?


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