OMG, we’re in Ireland!

Clontarf Castle

I’ve been wanting to come here my whole life… and now here we are! Dirk and I arrived in Dublin this morning, treated ourselves to an Irish breakfast, and something called a brack… and if you read the Halloween portion of the Wikipedia article on bracks, you may find it interesting that I got the ring.

Gold Ring

Now we’re at the hotel. We’re resting before heading into town… but I have a feeling we won’t be resting for much longer.

Evil Hotel Grin

Much more from the Emerald Isle to come!

Presenting HOUSE RULES… and a brand new Titan director! (NSFW)

House Rules Title (Ce and Berlin)Long time production assistant Dave Richards, a very good friend of mine, makes his directorial debut with the first scene from TitanMen’s all-new film House Rules, and I couldn’t be happier for him! In the scene, TitanMen Exclusive George Ce and our good friend Hans Berlin play recent ex-boyfriends, with George arriving to pick up the last of his things. Knowing glances are exchanged, and soon they’re kissing and sucking each other’s big uncut dicks. Eventually George drives his thick dick up Hans’ tight butt for one last roll in the hay.

“Over the past couple years, I’ve had the privilege to work with directors Jasun Mark, Paul Wilde, and Brian Mills,” Dave told me. “But mostly I used what I’ve learned working with the legendary Joe Gage for this scene. The way he sets his cameras for each take, his approach to dialogue, the time he spends building the seduction… I really wanted to emulate that style. Of course, this being a Titan scene, things move along a little quicker than what you’d normally get from Joe. Titan editor T.P. Deaux has a post-it note on his monitor that reads ‘See Dick Sooner.’ I took that to heart.”

On working with Hans and George, Dave said, “I’ve known George since Titan signed him as an exclusive, and I first met Hans on the set of On Tap, in which he co-starred with Jessy Ares. Consummate professionals. Neither man was new to this, and they seemed to genuinely like each other, so they really made my job that much easier.”

Dave has helped out on set countless times during my tenure as a Titan exclusive, but I’ve never worked under him as my director. “Hopefully Titan fans will like the scene enough that they’ll ask me to direct again,” Dave concluded. “This was fun.” I hope so too, because I’d love to shoot a scene for him someday!

Here’s a bunch of pictures from Dave’s Titan directorial debut. Watch the full scene now with your Titan membership. Not a member? Join now and get instant access to this and thousands of other scenes. And for a limited time, you can get a one week all-access trial for just $9.95!

Me and Dave Richards

Dave Richards, TitanMen’s newest director, and me in 2012.

Trailer Parks and Prison Breaks: Behind the scenes with Titan in LA

Behind-the-scenes video of my photo shoot for the upcoming TitanMen feature Jail Break

Just got back from a whirlwind couple of days filming with Titan in Los Angeles. I was very happy to find out that we were once again filming at the beautiful hilltop villa where I shot my scene in Wide Awake with Johnny Parker. It’s an amazing place with a lot of cool stuff lying around, making for some really funky exterior shots. The day before I got there, for example, director Jasun Mark shot a scene outside a trailer that just, uh, happened to be lying around.

Altadena Panorama Crop

My first scene was with Donnie Dean, whom you may remember from TitanMen’s Stag with George Ce. In the scene, Donnie’s rinsing off in an outdoor shower; I’m off to the side packing some random shit — including one of these, which I thought was hilarious given the context — into a large crate. I notice Donnie showering, and am so turned on that I walk right over and get in the shower with him, clothed and everything. My clothes quickly come off, of course, and soon we’re fucking each other on the same crate which I’d been loading moments earlier. I don’t have any pics from the scene yet, unfortunately, but here are a few of the set, my scene partner Donnie, and other mundane stuff like filling out the tax and model release forms.

The second day on set was a little more involved. We shot a lot of B-roll of me and Eric Nero running through the woods surrounding the property. (Eric is new to the adult industry… you can follow him on Twitter at @EricNeroXXX.) I play a state trooper chasing down an escaped convict; I eventually subdue him (second time I’ve ever used a real live taser… the first was on my hubby Dirk in Loud and Nasty) and fuck him in a nearby garage. Yup… a topping scene! I haven’t done one of those since I topped Jay Bentley in Heavy Load (which is actually the most recent film of mine to be released, although we filmed it last year). So it felt good to flex that muscle on camera again. (I’m versatile in my private life, but here’s a blog post about why I don’t top more on film.)

Of course, an integral part of any Titan shoot is the photo session. We use the pictures to promote the film, create the DVD and website artwork, and send to event coordinators where we’re making appearances. Eric and I shot our photos at the same time… and in case you’re wondering, yes, we are each others’ fluffers. With a scene partner as sexy as Eric, I was pretty much hard all the time, so the photo shoot was a snap. Here are a bunch of pics from the shoot; you can also watch the a behind-the-scenes video of the session at the top of this post.

All in all, it was a really successful and satisfying couple of days. We had a lot of fun, and I’m sure both scenes are going to come out great. At the end of the run, Donnie had already left, but Eric, Jasun, Jasun’s husband, and I went out in Silver Lake for a nice dinner at Black Cat and got in a little shopping at Rough Trade (I ended up buying the holster harness shown below. The interchangeable pouches looks like Lego Stormtroopers, don’t they?) At a little after 10:00 pm I hopped on the red-eye bound for Boston, exhausted but happy. And thanks to my awesome scene partners, I’d made a couple of new friends.

Watch for Prison Break and Trailer Park Boys in the next few months, only from TitanMen!

Gay Comic Geek reviews Morning Wood… and Jesse the supervillian?

I always knew he was a big fan, but now I know that Gay Comic Geek has a “huge” crush on me! And after hearing his comment at the 2:17 mark of this review, I’m thinking I should look into buying a supervillian costume. Juggernaut, perhaps? By the way, I bet there are more than just “a couple girls” watching this video because — fun fact — over 25,000 of my Facebook fans are women!

To watch Morning Wood right now in streaming HD video click here, and to see more of Gay Comic Geek’s fun, high-energy reviews, head on over to his website at Oh, and hey GCG… if you’re reading this… thanks for the awesome review! Hope to finally meet you in person sometime!

I’ll bring my helmet.

TitanMen’s Hard Play wins Best Fetish Film at Hustlaball!

Hard Play wins Hustlaball Award (Big)

We won! TitanMen’s Hard Play — directed by Paul Wilde and starring Aleks Buldocek, Tony Orion, Jed Athens, Bryon Saint, Matt Stevens, and my hubby Dirk Caber, who gets his head shaved — just won “Best Fetish Film” at today’s Hustlaball Porn Awards, Europe’s biggest porn awards ceremony! Dirk, who happens to be performing at Hustlaball in Berlin this weekend, was present to accept the award on behalf of the studio. Way to go, everybody!

Even better… as luck would have it, Titan is in the middle of a fetish DVD clearance sale, so you can own Hard Play (or any other Titan Rough title) for just $9.95! Check out the free XXX preview below, then buy your copy here!

Preview Spread