The Jackman/Caber Travelogue, Part 1: Ireland

If you’ve been following along on my Facebook page, you no doubt know that Dirk and I just spent a week in Ireland and a week in England. It was an absolutely amazing trip. My mom turned was about to turn 75, and we’d been talking about taking a trip to Ireland for years; when we got word that there would be a big family reunion in London on November 9, we had just the excuse we needed to get off our butts and plan our vacation. Mom and I surprised Dirk on his birthday (September 13) with a plane ticket across the pond, and the three of us left for the Emerald Isle on the day before Halloween.

I’d expected the Irish landscape to be physically beautiful, and it definitely exceeded my expectations. It was stunning. But what I really loved about the country was not the countryside but the people. Everyone we met during our travels from Dublin across to Galway and then down to Limerick were incredibly friendly, engaging, and genuine. We made a ton of friends and will absolutely be back, hopefully soon.

Here are a few of the pictures I took during our trip, as well as a video of a really entertaining musician who impressively plays his pint of Guinness with a spoon, takes a sip, puts it down, picks up a second spoon, and keeps on playing… all as my mom looks on. (Filmed at Taaffes Bar, Shop Street, Galway, Ireland on November 3, 2014.)

Coming soon: Our pics from England!

NEW JOE GAGE! With an XXX-tra helping of Dirk!

The latest Joe Gage film is finally here! “CUT TO THE CHASE: A Joe Gage Chronicle” features a pretty amazing cast… including my hubby Dirk! (Watch the free NSFW trailer above.) Besides returning stars Dario Beck, Mike Tanner, Anthony London, and Jed Athens, “Cut to the Chase” also features two Titan newcomers: the adorable JD Phoenix and our good friend Dolan Wolf! You might have seen Dolan in a few of my pics from the recent London trip; Dirk and I are quite close with the fit Brit, and he’s even coming to New England next week to celebrate his first proper American Thanksgiving with us.

“Caught in the Act” pushes the envelope of the daddy/boy genre in a way that only Joe Gage can… including a crazy two-dads-on-one-son mêlée. (I can’t wait to see that one, cuz I happen to be quite close to two of the three guys, one with the initials D.C. and the other with the initials D.W.) The first of the three scenes, featuring Titan exclusive Dario Beck (sporting a killer ‘stache… see his pics below) and young stud Jed Athens, is out now… watch it here! The remaining two scenes will hit the web in the next couple of weeks. Get your Titan membership for as little as $0.27 a day and you can stream and/or download them all — plus over 5,000 other scenes — in splatteringly clear HD!

“Caught in the Act” is also now shipping on DVD in the TitanMen Store.

cttc_Title Card 1_698x698

Your first look at Bad Cop with Hunter Marx, Nick Prescott, and more

Bad Cop Opening Credits 02 sm

In my continuing effort to bring you the inside scoop on upcoming TitanMen projects, I’m happy to share with you these teaser images from Bad Cop that director Jasun Mark just posted on his blog. The film stars Titan exclusives Hunter Marx and Nick Prescott, as well as Damien Stone, Adam Herst, Ricky Decker, and Donnie Dean. A couple of notes on the cast:

  • Hunter Marx is one of Titan’s longest-running exclusives (4 years); I filmed my first ever scene with him back in 2011. What a stud!
  • Damien Stone is Jewish, as am I… there aren’t a whole lot of us in the industry, so it’s always cool to see a fellow Member of the Tribe in action.
  • This’ll be Ricky Decker‘s first scene with TitanMen. Welcome, Ricky!
  • Without further ado, here are Jasun’s promo images, as well as a few behind-the-scenes pics from the set. Bad Cop is coming later this month; get your TitanMen membership now to see it first… and in the meantime, you can stream or download over 5,000 other great scenes, all for as little as $0.27 a day!

    Bad Cop Opening Credits 01
    Bad Cop Opening Credits 02 sm
    Bad Cop Opening Credits 03 sm
    Bad Cop Opening Credits 04 sm
    Bad Cop Opening Credits 05 sm
    Bad Cop Opening Credits 06 sm
    Bad Cop Opening Credits 07 sm

    Your first look at new TitanMen exclusive EDDY CEETEE in action!

    Eddy Ceetee and Nick Prescott 02 Eddy Ceetee

    TitanMen Exclusive Eddy Ceetee fucks TitanMen Exclusive Nick Prescott

    In early October, my hubby Dirk and I met Eddy Ceetee in a bar in Providence, Rhode Island and connected him with the TitanMen crew. And now, just over a month later, he’s filmed his first scene as Titan’s newest exclusive! Eddy’s first scene partner was fellow exclusive Nick Prescott, and by all accounts the scene went great. Director Jasun Mark texted me the above pics after filming had wrapped. “He did fantastic,” Jasun said. “He’s a jackhammer!” For more “live from the set” updates, visit Jasun’s blog at

    Jasun, Dirk, and I, along with the entire TitanMen family, are thrilled to have Eddy on board! His scene won’t be out for a couple of months, but in the meantime you can check out his official Twitter account, @eddyceetee, for updates. And for more of Nick Prescott, watch his latest TitanMen scene in Morning Wood right now! I’m in Morning Wood too, by the way… watch my scene with Josh West here.

    Eddy Ceetee and Nick Prescott 01

    Eddy Ceetee
    Nick Prescott

    So You Think You Can Fuck: My (Illustrated) Guide to Becoming a Porn Star

    These are the photos I sent in with my TitanMen new model application.

    One of the most common questions I get asked on my Facebook page is “How can I become a porn star?” Well, I’m gonna tell ya what I know.

    First off, do your homework. Check out the actors at a bunch of different major studios (visit Queer Pig or Queer Me Now for a good overview) and carefully choose a handful of studios that might be after your look. Be realistic; don’t apply for a bear porn site if you’re a twink! Titan, for example, was a great match for me… clean-cut, muscular, not overly tattooed… but there are plenty of different studios, and each one has a different look they’re after.

    The next step is to fill out the application. Almost every studio has an online version of their application; Titan’s is at, for instance. When you fill it out, be honest. Describe your sexual likes and dislikes, and don’t worry if they’re kinky; trust me, they’ve heard it all before. If you know someone in the industry, great; list them as a referral. Be sincere about the reason you want to get into porn, and what you’re looking to get out of it. Your honest answers will go a long way to help the studio determine if you’re a good fit.

    Next… the pictures. Any reputable studio will require that you send several nude photographs of yourself, both hard and soft, from a few different angles. They don’t have to be professional pics; for most studios, a cellphone picture in a mirror is fine. In some cases, amateur photos are actually better, because the studio can get a better idea of the “raw material” they have to work with. In my case, I had a friend come over to take the photos, but self-portraits would have been just as good. Your first photographic impression is, of course, very important. You should be in as good shape as possible when you take the photos, and when you submit them, they should be recent. If you submit a photo from 5 years ago when you were 8% bodyfat and now you’re at 28%, they’re gonna find out soon enough. (But if you’re interested in doing bear porn, that might be an asset!) To give you some examples, at the top of this post I’ve included the 5 pictures I submitted to Titan when I first applied.

    Once you’ve sent in the application, wait. Studio executives are very busy, and sometimes get dozens of applications a week. Don’t bug them. If you haven’t heard anything from them in a few weeks, a quick email might be in order (the email address will be on their website). In my experience, most studios do not send rejection letters; if you still don’t hear back from them, they’ve probably determined that you’re not a good fit. But take heart… just because you’re not a good fit with that studio, there are plenty of others, and one of them might be a better match. Apply to them too!

    If a studio does contact you with an offer, take some time to consider their proposal before making your decision. There’s no rush. Weigh the potential ramifications if you choose to enter the world of porn. Will you be okay if your family finds out? What about your friends? Your employer? I’m very lucky to have wonderful friends, a fantastic job, and a family that’s very supportive (yes, they all know), but you should think about how it’ll affect you when (yes, when, not “if”) they find out.

    Another thing to consider is what side of the so-called “latex line” you want to be on. The choice is, of course, ultimately yours, but remember that if you ever shoot a bareback scene with any studio, or even put an amateur barebacking video of your own on XTube, that automatically rules out your ever working with a bunch of the major studios, including Titan. Just something to keep in mind. I personally believe that always using condoms is not only safest, but sets a good example; the guys at Titan believe the same thing, so that’s another reason why we’re a great fit.

    I won’t discuss how much you can expect to make per scene; that’s between you and the studio. I won’t tell you how much I make, either. I can tell you, though, that you’re paid by the scene; you’re a freelance artist, under contract for the day. The recruiter will usually tell you up front what the starting scene rate is. If not, it’s completely reasonable for you to ask. Remember that established performers make more money than the newbies, so your scene rate will probably increase as you gain experience.

    Well, that’s about it. To give you some additional inspiration, I’m including the application that I originally submitted to Titan (see below). It should give you an idea of what the studios are looking for.

    Remember, the Titan model application is at… tell ’em I sent ya. Good luck!

    Update: Shortly after I posted this, Dominic Ford pointed out to me that he already has a film series called “So You Think You Can Fuck” ( Oops! Hey Dominic, sorry about that… and thanks for letting me use the title anyway! Although I suppose I could have also called it “The Sex Factor” or “America’s Hot Talent”… or even “The Eurnovirgin Schlong Contest” for my European friends.