Cut to the Chase: Dirk’s new scene with legendary director Joe Gage!

Joe Gage revolutionized gay porn as we know it. His films, starting with 1976’s Kansas City Trucking Company, were among the first in the industry to really embrace the image of the rugged, testosterone-fueled man. And he’s been directing amazing films in that vein for almost 40 years. Dirk and I have both had the great fortune to work with Joe. For me, it was in his 2012 film Caught in the Act (with Jessy Ares). It’s been almost 5 years since Dirk last worked with Joe. To put that in perspective… when they last worked together, Dirk didn’t have a beard!

Dirk in Jury Duty

Dirk Caber and Roman Wright in Joe Gage’s Jury Duty

Dirk and Joe have remained friends since filming Jury Duty, and when Joe needed someone for the role of JD Phoenix‘s college professor in an upcoming project, Dirk was thrilled to answer the call. The scene was then expanded to a three-way, and Joe cast our good buddy Dolan Wolf. The result is the explosive, 54-minute third act in Cut to the Chase: A Joe Gage Chronicle… a scene that I think you guys are gonna love.

Check out the free NSFW preview at the top of this post, then stream the entire 54 minute scene here (or download it for your offline viewing pleasure) with your Titan membership. Not a member yet? Sign up now and get instant access to this and over 5,000 other scenes… including unlimited access to at no extra cost!

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VIDEO: Ian Parks (from Where the Bears Are) is FUCKING AWESOME

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You may be familiar with Ian Parks, one of the stars of the hit web series Where the Bears Are. Ian is a friend mine, and also of the Titan family, having helped out as a fluffer production assistant on several productions (including my latest one, tentatively titled Jail Break).

Ian has fans all over the world. And when Dirk and I were at a bar in Dublin last month, we met a guy named James who’s a huge fan of Ian and his WTBA character, Todd “Hot Toddy” Stevens. James asked me if I could get Ian to send him a message on Facebook, just to say hello. “Really really big please!” he said. “Me and my friends adore him!”

Ian did way more than that.

When I wrote to Ian to see if he’d be willing to say hi to his biggest Irish fan, he suggested something better. “How about I make a video message for him,” he replied. “I’m Irish myself, so I’ll make something nice.” And then he proceeded to ask me a bunch of questions. How did he come up in conversation? Why is James such a big fan? And what are names of some of James’s friends who also watch the show? “I’ll give them a bunch of shout-outs,” he explained. “I like doing stuff like this for people. It’ll take, like, not even an hour of my time and it’ll make his day.”

I’m pretty sure he spent more than an hour on it… because it’s really fucking incredible. I’ve included it at the top of this post… it’s funny, sexy as all fuck, and really, really thoughtful. James’s reaction says it all:

openquoteHoly shit Jesse… Just watched that at work and nearly jumped up on my desk… Can’t believe it… That’s savage … Thank you so much for that… It has pretty much made my year — I love it… Can’t wait to show the lads and please make sure and thank Ian for me! It’s perfect — hearing him say my name… So weird !!! Really really love it… Thank you so much — that’s going straight on my FB to make all my mates jealous!”

And make them jealous it did. James’s Facebook page was quickly filled with messages like “Brilliant… what a nice guy and a nice message!” and “Well aren’t u a jammy bastard” and “Oh my fuckin god!! That’s actually amazing! I’m so jealous right now. Our friendship is over.” When I shared those messages with Ian, his response was simply this:

openquoteHaha, nice. Wish I had time to make something better.”

As humble as he is awesome. What a class act. I’m really looking forward to working with him again. For more from Ian, you can watch his demo reel at the bottom of this post… and be sure to visit the official Where the Bears Are website at

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The Jackman/Caber Travelogue, Part 2: England

Having just spent a week in the beautiful country (and with the beautiful people) of Ireland, Mom, Dirk and I crammed into a Ryanair jet last November 6 and hopped across the Irish Sea to London. Dirk and I love London, and visit as often as we can; our most recent trip was for a live show at Hustaball last year (NSFW pics here).

Hustlaball London, 2013

Hustlaball London, 2013

This trip was a bit different. November isn’t exactly a popular month for tourism in England, but we had a great reason to be there: a big family reunion! My mom’s side of the family is originally from Latvia; four generations ago my great-grandfather lived above a matchstick factory which — tragically, if somewhat predictably — burned down, and the family relocated to Liverpool. As a result, Mom and I have a lot of relatives there (and in London) that neither one of us had ever met. In fact, we didn’t even know about many of them until one of our cousins, who had been doing some genealogical research, contacted us about the reunion… which was absolutely amazing to attend. I had always thought my family was so small — the American branch of it definitely is — but now I know that I’m part of a much bigger clan with over 300 (identified) members in the last four generations alone. And I even learned that one of my uncles ran a small music shop in Liverpool and sold the Beatles their first guitars! Here’s a picture of my mom and Dirk holding just one of the scrolls of our genealogical tree. Incredible.


The rest of our trip was fantastic too. Highlights included seeing the ceramic poppies commemorating Armistice Day at the Tower of London to (at once beautiful and deeply moving), climbing to the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral, having dinner with a bunch of our friends at a restaurant on the Embankment (at one point my mom leaned across the table and asked Dirk “Is everyone here a porn star?”), and enjoying High Tea at Brown’s Hotel. I’ve included pictures from each of those adventures — and many more — below.

It never ceases to amaze me how an enormous, vibrant city like London can manage to be so civilized. I really do love it there. The pictures below tell a bit of our story there… one which I’m sure will be continued in the future. Enjoy.