New: XXX trailer and 82 pics from In the Shadows… with me and Dirk!

What dark desires surface when you fall asleep? What happens when dreams and reality converge? What dirty fantasies are brought to life in the shadows? What other marketing phrases will the Titan team come up with? The latest full-length feature from TitanMen features Titan exclusives Dario Beck, Kevin Lee, and Nick Prescott, as well as Titan regulars Tony Orion, Adam Champ… and my hubby Dirk Caber! And a surprise cameo at the end of the film by… me!

I’ve posted a free trailer from the film above, and a 82 (!!!) new pics below. The entire movie is now streaming at TitanMen… you can watch extended previews of scene 1 with Tony and Dario here, scene 2 with Kevin and Adam here, and scene 3 with Nick and Dirk (and me!) here. Titan subscribers can watch or download the whole film right now! Not a member? Sign up now and get instant access for as little as 27 cents a day!

Pics from a crazy Mid-Atlantic Leather weekend (NSFF)

Here’s a selection of NSFF* photos that we took at Mid-Atlantic Leather in Washington, DC last weekend! We’re really grateful that so many wonderful people stopped by the Manhunt booth to say hi. And of course, we want to send the Manhunt guys a great big thank you for making the weekend possible for us! Enjoy the photos!

– Jesse & Dirk

* NSFF stands for “Not Safe For Facebook” … although they’re safe for almost everywhere else!

“In the Shadows” with Dirk Caber, Nick Prescott… and me! (Surprise!)

A few months ago, my sexy hubby Dirk filmed a scene with Titan exclusive Nick Prescott for an upcoming film called In the Shadows. Well, the movie just came out — you can watch a free preview above — and there’s a special cameo appearance at the end. Me!

“Wanna see if you two can do me a favor,” the email from production assistant Dave Richards had read. “I need you guys to film some B-roll. It should only take a half hour or so. I just need footage of Dirk sleeping, and dreaming about that time he got tied to a table by Nick Prescott.”

“No problem!” I wrote back. “Obviously we don’t have the best facilities or equipment or whatever…”

“I know. This can be done with your phone. Dirk doesn’t have to be fully exposed naked, he’s sleeping, after all, so under covers is fine. I would like him to ‘remember’ (dream of) being restrained, so hands over his head, perhaps gripping the headboard, if you have one. Muscle memory. Have fun with it. If you want, you can do something with Dirk waking up suddenly, and you comforting him, and maybe playing like you’re getting ready to tie him up or something. I dunno… like I said, have fun.”

Dirk and I shot a couple of takes, and Dave used them in the film! The shot of Dirk lying in bed appears in In the Shadows at the beginning of his scene with Nick… and the second shot (with me waking up and restraining my sexy hubby) appears at the end. And sandwiched in between is an insanely hot scene. I really love watching Nick get fucked… the expression on his face is so fucking hot! I hope I get to do a scene with him someday.

Titan members can watch or download this scene from In the Shadows in its entirety right now… as well as the rest of the movie, or any other video in Titan’s extensive catalog. Not a member? Sign up now and get instant access for as little as 27 cents a day!

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VIDEO: If guys acted in real life the way they do on gay apps…

This video by the guys at Jack’d is amazeballs. I laughed so hard that I literally have tears in my eyes.

Our photo shoot with London-based fetish photographer Matt Spike

When Dirk and I were in London in November, we were very honored to have the opportunity to do a shoot with Matt Spike, an amazing artist who specializes in male fetish photography. And a super nice guy! Here’s the first of the finished pics:

Dirk’s pics from this photo shoot aren’t finished yet, but in the meantime, here are a few from their first shoot together last year:

There are others photos from the most recent series that are still in post-production… I’ll share them with you when they’re ready! In the meantime, be sure to check out more of Matt’s excellent work at His work really is remarkable!