Editing porn with Jasun Mark

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill tutorial. In the following video, Titan director Jasun Mark color-corrects a 5 second clip of Ricky Decker and Eric Nero from the brand new TitanMen film Pacific Coast. “I think a lot of people assume I just hold the camera,” Jasun says… but as you can see, he actually spends a lot of time editing each scene to make sure it looks just right:

You can watch the finished scene here.

Pacific Coast also stars TitanMen exclusive Hunter Marx, Trent Davis, Donnie Dean… and me! Titan members can watch or download the entire film and thousands more scenes. Not a member? Watch a free preview, then sign up to get instant access.

(By the way, if Jasun’s tutorial won’t play in your browser for some reason, you can watch it at this alternate link.)

Eric Nero & Ricky Decker in Pacific Coast, and a peek at my new scene

Scene 2 of Pacific Coast is here! It stars Ricky Decker (who last appeared in Bad Cop and Eric Nero in his Titan debut! I had the pleasure of filming a scene with Eric recently, and I can tell you that the kid is amazing.

Next Wednesday, my scene in Pacific Coast with Donnie Dean — the one with the exploding lightbulb — hits the TitanMen website, but I’ve got a few sneak peek pics to share with you which I’ve posted below. Check back next week for a link to the full scene!

Join us in Albany TOMORROW NIGHT! Also… a video of my dog.

Join me and Dirk tomorrow night (February 27) at Rocks in Albany, NY as we raise money for a great cause… PAWS! “Pets Are Wonderful Support” provides services and financial support to pet owners living with HIV and AIDS to ensure that they are not separated from their animal companions when they need each other the most. In 2014, 112 clients and 149 pets in the Albany area received PAWS services, treats, litter, and almost 6 tons of pet food. In addition, 57 pets received veterinary care and 13 pets received in-home and foster care assistance.

Dirk and I will be at Rocks, which is located at 77 Central Ave. in Albany, tomorrow night from 10 pm onward. We’re bringing giveaways and auction items for you bid on, including TitanMen DVDs and other swag. Come on by and help support this great cause! For more information, check out the official event listing at JOCKS for PAWS.

And finally, speaking of pets… here’s a video of Zack, my faithful pup, that was filmed back in 2010 when he was 13 years old. Zack really liked tuna. He could somehow sense me opening a can of it on the other side of the house — with a manual can opener — and would come running into the kitchen. He lived to be 14… not too shabby for a German Shepherd! Dirk and I are considering getting another pet once our travel schedules calm down a bit. Maybe another dog… or a pig. I’m serious. Stay tuned. (If the video below doesn’t play, you can also watch it on YouTube.)

See you tomorrow night at Rocks!

Just released… a preview of my new film Pacific Coast! Watch it here!

Titan just posted the preview for my latest film Pacific Coast… and here it is! (If the video below doesn’t load for some reason, try this alternate link.)

I’m really excited for this one… I hadn’t done a flip scene in a while, but Donnie Dean was more than game! We had a lot of fun filming it — exploding lightbulbs aside — and I think you’re gonna like it. Our scene hits the Titan website in two weeks… but scene one with Hunter Marx and Trent Davis is out now! Watch it here with your Titan membership. Not a member? Sign up now for instant access to this and over 5,000 other scenes!

Pacific Coast DVD

New Behind-the-Scenes Video: “Upward Bear”

Titan director Jasun Mark just sent me this fun NSFW behind-the-scenes clip from an upcoming movie (working title is Catch-22) starring Eric Nero and Adam Herst (if the video won’t play, you can try this alternate link):

Yeah, that really happened.

A few months ago I shot a really cool scene with Eric in he plays an escaped convict, and I’m the federal agent chasing him down; the film will be released later this year. Eric will also appear in an upcoming movie called Pacific Coast, coming this month exclusively from TitanMen… which I’m in too!

Adam Herst appears with TitanMen exclusive Nick Prescott in Bad Cop… which you can watch right now! (That link will load the entire scene for Titan members; non-members get an XXX preview. Wanna see the whole thing? Sign up now for instant access!)