VIDEO: Guess who won the “Manly Man” award at the Grabbys?


I’m still kinda shocked that I picked up “Manly Man” honors at this year’s Grabbys — I keep thinking there must’ve been some kind of mistake, like the card actually said “Colby Jansen” and they read my name by accident — but I’m really stoked! You can watch a video of my acceptance “speech” above. The only thing I regret is that I got caught up in the moment while I was on stage and forgot to give a shout out to my amazing hubby Dirk… so I’ll attempt to make up for it in a small way now:

“Thank you for everything, babe! I love you!!”

Yeah… not quite the same, I know.

Danny Zee, The Sword contributor and Titan marketing genius, was on hand to cover the event (read his report here), shot the video of me accepting the award. He also hopped up on stage to claim the prize “Best Fetish Film” Grabby, awarded to Foul Play. Dirk and I played rugby mates in that movie, are really proud to have been a part of it! You can watch a free NSFW preview here, then stream or download the entire film with your Titan membership.

Not a bad haul from the Grabbys, I’d say… and Dirk and I are already looking forward to next year!

New NSFW Video: Dirk Caber, Hunter Marx, and “Anal Tool #3”

So yeah, Titan sells a whole whole line of things named “Anal Tools”, manufactured exclusively for them by Doc Johnson. When my hubby Dirk Caber and our pal Hunter Marx were in Palm Springs a couple of months ago to shoot a scene for an upcoming Titan film, they happened to find Anal Tool #3 lying around. (Oh, the things you find on a Titan set!) Naturally, the boys wanted to give it a try:

Video not playing? Try this alternate link.

Anal Tool #3 is available in both Master (6″ long, 5.5″ around, $12.99) and Trainer (5″ long, 4.5″ around, $8.99) sizes. Order your today… and tell ’em Jasun the Fisting Dildo Unicorn sent you.

Jasun the Fisting Unicorn Crop

Classical Caber (Victory Edition): Piano Miniature No. 10, “Gracieux”

The last 48 hours have been unbelievable. What started as an idea during a trip to a piano store a little over a week ago turned into a whirlwind fundraising effort in an attempt to get Dirk the piano he so badly needs to start composing again. To be honest, Dirk and I expected to maybe get a few bucks from you guys here and there, and every little bit would have helped a lot. But to raise over $5,000 in just over 24 hours? Dirk and I are floored. Positively floored. And moved beyond belief. Thank you so, so much… this is really going to change Dirk’s life.

Dirk said that if we reached the $5,000 mark, he would share an original composition that he’s never shared before. And here it is… Dirk’s Piano Miniature No. 10: Gracieux, the tenth in a series of 24 piano miniatures, none longer than about 3 minutes. He composed this particular miniature in the style of a sicilienne, a form that was first used for arias in Baroque operas and is meant to evoke a pastoral mood. I love how it draws you in; you can really get lost in its texture, but then at the end you can’t help but have a big smile on your face:

I know that “gracieux” technically means “graceful”, but in this case I like to think it means “grateful” … which pretty much sums up how Dirk and I both feel right now.

While we’ve already reached our $5,000 target, it’s not too late to get Dirk’s music on CD (some of which, like this sicilienne, he’s never shared before), a signed score, framed manuscript, or personalized composition! Just head on over to and choose which option you’d like. (By the way, the pianos we’re looking at cost between $10,000 and $15,000. We deliberately set the fundraising bar kinda low because we didn’t want to lean on you guys too much, and we’re going to find a way to finance the rest, but every penny you contribute will still help a ton.)

Again… Dirk and I are completely blown away. We love you guys!

In Bed

New NSFW Video: Dirk Caber, Hunter Marx, and “The Intimidator”

While filming a scene in Palm Springs back in March, my hubby Dirk and our buddy Hunter Marx got a chance to play around with one of latest offerings in Titan’s line of sex toys: The Intimidator. Judging by the following video, it looks like they had fun.

Video not playing? Try this alternate link.

Order your very own Intimidator here. It also makes a great fashion accessory… just ask Titan director Jasun Mark:

Jasun Intimidator Hat

VIDEO: Dirk and I go piano shopping!

Dirk’s been in the market for a piano for quite some time. The only chance he gets to play these days is on the Steinway at his parents’ house in Maine. (There’s a video of him playing it here.) But that’s an hour and half away, and as a composer, he really needs to have a piano at the ready so he can create whenever his muse calls him. So… we’re going piano shopping!

Ideally we’d get something called a hybrid, which is a digital piano with a mechanical mechanism. They’re small enough to fit in our house but still sound beautiful, plus the digital functionality would allow him to play with headphones, which would really come in handy (we have downstairs neighbors). They’re really pricey, though… the one he really likes is listed at $15,000. We’re also looking at straight-up digital pianos, which are a lot less expensive (the good ones range from $2,500 to about $6,000), then we’d eventually trade up. The important thing, I think, is just to get a keyboard in the house. Then I have a feeling we’ll start seeing a lot more compositions like these. Time to start saving money… or perhaps find a rich benefactor. Volunteers, anyone?