Classical Caber: Dirk plays Bach’s English Suite No. 6 in D minor

I was in another part of the apartment yesterday today and I heard Dirk playing his new piano in his studio (a.k.a his office, a.k.a. the-room-that-used-to-be-the-spare-bedroom), so I decided to film him when he started playing a piece. Turns out it was the prelude from Johann Sebastian Bach’s English Suite No. 6 in D minor… which is almost 10 minutes long. My arms got tired just watching him play it… and from holding my iPhone. There were a few hiccups along the way, but I still think he did a brilliant job of it considering he hadn’t played it in years!

(If the video doesn’t play, try putting your mobile device into landscape mode, or use this alternate link.)

NEW VIDEO: Behind-the-scenes with me, Dirk Caber, Rogan Richards, Skippy Baxter, and… Barbie? (NSFW)

A while ago I posted a bunch of photos from a really fun series that my hubby Dirk Caber and I shot with Rogan Richards and Skippy Baxter in June called “Come On Barbie, Let’s Go Party”, expertly photographed by the excellent Damien Hinds of The Dark Room. I captured some behind-the-scenes video during the shoot, handing my phone off to Skippy part of the way through so I could get in on the action. Here’s your inside look at the insanity. Enjoy! (If the video doesn’t play, try putting your mobile device into landscape mode, or use this alternate link.)

For more of Rogan, check out the scene that he and I shot together for TitanMen’s Dick Danger. And here’s hoping we see more of sweet and sexy Skippy in the future!

I can play piano too, apparently…

This morning I sat down at Dirk’s beautiful new piano, and, well…. I don’t know what happened, actually. Apparently I know a little about how to play it* or something.

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*Full disclosure: I had lessons when I was a kid, but I do know how to read music — slowly — and somehow remember this piece (Chopin’s Prelude No. 4 in E minor) from when I played it 30 years ago. But that’s about all I know how to play anymore. I look forward to learning again, though!

Classical Caber: Dirk Does Debussy… ON HIS NEW PIANO!!!!!

We did it! YOU did it!!! Dirk’s piano arrived today! Thank you so, so much to everyone who supported us via our GoFundMe campaign… Dirk and I are still completely and utterly overwhelmed! We’re busy packaging up all the premiums you guys requested… but first, here’s a brief “thank you” message from Dirk, accompanied by a video I shot of him playing it for the very first time. It’s the first of many, many more performances to come… but for now, we hope you enjoy Claude Debussy’s “La Fille aux cheveux de lin” … The Girl with the Flaxen Hair.

(If the video doesn’t play, try putting your mobile device into landscape mode first, or use this alternate link.)


Pics and video from our live show with François Sagat! (NSFW)

Last night, Dirk and I had the immense pleasure of working with a legend in the porn industry, the one and only François Sagat! We performed a 15 minute stage show at the very popular BlacKKnighT party in Montreal. The only guidance we had from the party organizer — who also owns Fétiche Armada, by the way — was “no penetration” … so we did the next best thing: lots of kissing, licking, sucking, and jerking off. Click each image to enlarge. I’ve also posted a video above; mobile users may have to put their device into landscape mode in order to view it. If it still won’t play, you can also watch it on Mancast.

We have these really cool photos and video because of an amazingly hot fan in the audience who took a few pictures. I got a chance to meet him after the show… and showed my appreciation, if you know what I mean. I love this selfie he took during the show!


People sometimes ask me if it’s difficult to perform on stage like that in front of hundreds of people… and yeah, I get nervous. But once I’m up there, I have to admit that it’s actually kinda fun to show off a bit. And hearing the audience cheer is pretty neat. François is a joy to work with, too. He’s just so easy-going about everything, and a super sweet guy. (We worked together on his epic film Incubus… check out the really cool behind-the-scenes footage here.) Dirk and I hope we get a chance to work with him again soon! Here we are after the show…

… and then Dirk and I continued our Montreal tradition of going to Fairmount Bagel at 3 am. Hooray for carbs!