NEW VIDEO: My scene with Hugh Hunter in Blue Collar Ballers is out!

The wait is over… Blue Collar Ballers is out! A lot’s happened since my last film, Pacific Coast, was released in March. I signed on as a Titan exclusive for (yet) another year, Dirk and I toured Australia doing LGBT health outreach, and thanks to YOU, Dirk has a beautiful grand piano! So now it’s time to get back to the thing that got me here in the first place… making porn!

BCB Screengrab 03 Sharp 2

Hugh Hunter and I filmed Blue Collar Ballers way back in December of last year… the same weekend I shot this funny video of Titan director Jasun Mark teaching Titan exclusive Eddy Ceetee — who was new to porn at the time — how not to pose for photos. I bottomed for Eddy during that production run too, in a scene that’ll be released soon. But for Blue Collar Ballers, I got to top Hugh… which was a lot of fun. We filmed it in a garage, and we had to turn the fans off during filming (they made too much noise), so the end result is that we both got really sweaty. But we didn’t mind… we both love working up a sweat:


So without further ado… here’s our scene! And in case you missed it last week, here’s the first scene in Blue Collar Ballers starring by buddy Eddy as well as Titan exclusive Nick Prescott… in the very first porn scene Eddy ever filmed! Titan members can stream or download any scene in Titan’s enormous online catalog, now spanning three decades, with a brand new scene added every week, and plenty of other exclusive content. Not a member? Sign up now and get instant access for as little as $9.99 a month. (Blue Collar Ballers is also available on DVD.)

Stay tuned next week for the release of Blue Collar Ballers scene 3, starring my hubby Dirk Caber, and the enormous Dallas Steele in his TitanMen debut!

Blue Collar Ballers DVD Cover

Not one, but TWO X-rated trailers from Blue Collar Ballers! (NSFW)

It’s been in the works for some time, but TitanMen’s Blue Collar Ballers is finally being released! Scene one stars TitanMen exclusives Eddy Ceetee and Nick Prescott, and is NOW AVAILABLE IN HD for both desktop and mobile devices with your Titan membership. Here’s a free extended XXX preview of their scene:

My scene with Hugh Hunter, who you may remember from the Titan film Catch 22, comes out this week, and then the barn-burner of a scene with my hubby Dirk Caber and huge Dallas Steele (he’s bigger than me!) the week after that… so now’s a good time to sign up for a month of TitanMen membership so you can watch — and download — them all in their entirety. And once you download them, they’re yours to keep forever!

Here are a few pics from Eddy and Nick’s scene. This was the first scene Eddy ever filmed, by the way!

Life in plastic… it’s fantastic

Barbie 08

“So I have this idea for a project,” Rogan Richards told us when we were working out with him in Melbourne back in June. “Would you guys be up for a photo shoot later this week?”

“HELL yeah!” Dirk and I both said at once, without knowing what the project was. That’s how much we love the guy.

And what’s really crazy is that the “Barbie” project isn’t even the one that Rogan was talking about! When we were done with Rogan’s special secret photo shoot, we just started goofing around with stuff that was lying around — yes, there were Barbies lying around — and took tons of pictures with the supremely talented Damien Hinds (check out his website, The Dark Room). And this is only one of several different themes we shot that night. We laughed so hard… I think we goofed around for 3 hours but it only felt like a few minutes! I can’t wait to share the other photos with you, which I’ll be sure to do when they’re ready (they’re still in post-production).

In the meantime, enjoy Come On Barbie, Let’s Go Party… concept by Rogan Richards, photographs by Damien Hinds, and featuring Dirk Caber with special appearances by Rogan Richards and Jesse Jackman!

Barbie 01 Title

Barbie 02

Barbie 03 Color

Barbie 03 BW

Barbie 04

Barbie 05

Barbie 06

Barbie 07

Barbie 10

Barbie 09

We Kissed a Boy: Dirk, Jasun, and I do PORN STAR KARAOKE!

You asked for it, and here it is… my hubby Dirk Caber, TitanMen lead director Jasun Mark, and I doing Porn Star Karaoke!! The song is “I Kissed a Boy” by the band Cobra Starship; it was released on a 2008 compilation called Welcome to the New Administration. (If the embedded video above doesn’t work, you can also watch it on YouTube.) We had a lot of fun filming it, and people seem to like it… we even got a shout-out on JoeMyGod!

A note about the picture quality: Just prior to filming this video, Jasun and Dirk shot a bunch of underwater footage in the pool at Titan’s Palm Springs location, and Jasun forgot that he’d adjusted the white balance on his GoPro accordingly. Oops! Or, depending on your point of view, awesome… because the result is a kind of funky Instagram-like effect. I personally think it’s pretty sexy.

Anyway, Dirk, Jasun, and I have a bunch more ideas for karaoke songs we can do in the future… and we really look forward to making them for you! In the meantime, be sure to check out Jasun’s other porn star karaoke videos. They’re really fun.

WE DID IT!!! Dirk got a piano!!!!!!

Dirk's piano!

THANK YOU!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

We found a used Yamaha digital hybrid piano in Chicago! Thanks to everyone who supported us via the GoFundMe campaign, we made enough money to buy it and ship it home!! The movers came to pick it up yesterday, and it’s on its way to Boston!!!

Here’s the whole amazing story. A couple of months ago, Dirk and I started shopping for pianos. As most of you already know, he’s a classical musician and composer who’s been living without a piano for over 5 years. (You can listen to some of his compositions on his SoundCloud page.) To a composer, a piano is his or her livelihood and an essential tool of the trade; without one, Dirk’s creative output has suffered mightily. He really needed one. But when we went to the local dealer, we were hit with major sticker shock. Over twenty grand for a digital hybrid? Yikes! But it was exactly what Dirk needed. It sounded gorgeous, had MIDI capability, felt exactly like a full-size acoustic grand when you played it (it even had a subwoofer inside the case to simulate the piano’s vibration when you struck the keys)… and also, because of the way our house is shaped, we needed something more portable, and with its small frame (it’s about 5′ by 4′ with the legs removed) the digital hybrid fit the bill. It would have been impossible to get an acoustic piano inside without hiring a crane.

Here’s Dirk in the showroom that day, playing their display model:

We knew he needed it, but how to pay for it? We thought about saving up, asking our parents for help, and maybe taking out a loan, but we still didn’t think it would be realistically possible to get a hybrid. Dirk might be able to afford a different model of piano, but it would have to be a cheaper one, and (in my opinion, anyway) not worthy of his talents… plus we still would have faced the “how to get it into the house” problem.

Then I had a crazy idea. We’d ask our fans for help. It wouldn’t be just a money grab, though… we’d offer pledge-drive-style premiums in exchange for contributions of certain levels — for $25 you’d get a CD of Dirk’s music, for $50 you’d get a signed score, etc. Every little bit would help, but Dirk honestly only hoped/expected to make a few hundred bucks. I was a bit more optimistic, and figured we might make somewhere between $1,000 and $2,000; after all, a bunch of people had already expressed interest in his music previously, and I was hopeful that they’d come through. Dirk and I agreed to set the goal for the campaign at $5,000. We figured we’d never reach anywhere near that much, but GoFundMe allows you to keep all the donations you make (as opposed to Kickstarter, where if you don’t make your goal you lose everything)… so why not at least try to shoot the moon? We posted the campaign at about 2 pm on Friday, May 15, and hoped for the best.

We raised $5,000 in 24 hours.

We were shocked. Amazed. And felt so, so honored. We couldn’t believe what was happening… and the donations kept pouring in. Within a week we hit $10,000. People from all over the world were contributing to Dirk’s piano fund, from as far away as Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands… even South Africa and Australia! And along with the donations came all these amazing messages of support, like “Seeing the happiness on Dirk’s face as he’s playing is worth every penny” and “You have inspired me to start practicing my Beethoven again!” and “Look forward to hearing what this inspires and only wish I could do more.” Perhaps my favorite message for Dirk came from a gentleman in Walnut Creek, California:

openquoteMaybe within your body, the spirit of a composer who was around at the time of Mozart and Salieri resides, and this is his way of telling the world that he’s still here, and that he can still express himself. If you really want to thank everyone for contributing to your campaign, just keep doing what you do. Keep writing… keep performing… and NEVER stop loving it!”

We feel so blessed to have found so much love and support — not just financial support, but moral and emotional support as well — in this amazing little online community we’ve built. We were well on our way to getting the piano… much further and faster than we ever could have anticipated. But we still needed a way to find several thousand dollars more.

Then we caught a break.

Digital hybrids are a really new technology, only having been around a couple of years. They’re amazing instruments. I touched on a few of their features earlier in this post, but let me tell you a little more about how they work. They have the full mechanism of a regular piano, but without the strings, which are replaced by optical sensors. The sensors detect the force with which each string — if it had strings — would have been struck by the hammer, and reproduces the sound from a library of tens of thousands of digital samples. Hybrid pianos sound, and feel, exactly like full acoustic pianos, but because there are no strings, they’re much more compact… and they never go out of tune! Plus you can play them while using headphones, which is important for us because we have downstairs neighbors and Dirk likes to play late at night.

Because the technology is so new — and because digital hybrids are just so generally awesome — the used market for them is virtually nonexistent; people tend to buy them and hang onto them. Dirk and I had been monitoring eBay and Craigslist anyway, but to no avail. Then, after weeks of searching, I finally found one on Craigslist that had been listed not even 2 hours earlier. I emailed the guy right away. He was a music instructor from north of Chicago who’d purchased the piano for his studio a couple of years earlier. He was downsizing and no longer had room for it. Score!

In retrospect we may have been a bit too trusting, but it all worked out in the end. We had a good feeling about this guy. We vetted him as best we could. His business seemed legitimate, and his Yelp page had tons of good reviews, so we handled a lot of the details in advance: finding a mover, pre-printing a cashier’s check, stuff like that. And then finally, the moment of truth… Dirk flew out to inspect the piano and handle the transaction in person. We weren’t disappointed… the piano is beautiful. Dirk says it sounds perfect, and there’s not a mark on it; in fact, it looks like it just came out of the showroom. The guy even polished it! So… we bought it! We’re thrilled to report that the piano movers arrived yesterday to pack it up and load it onto their truck. (We decided to hire professional piano movers instead of trying to drive it home ourselves, because piano movers have special trucks and equipment to make sure the instrument arrives in one piece. Plus, they’re fully insured.) The particular company we hired is a national moving company that makes circuits around the country picking up and delivering pianos. Their route doesn’t take them to Boston until August 18, but that’s the day that we take delivery of Dirk’s beautiful hybrid piano!!!

Now comes the task of sending out all those premiums. It’s a bit daunting — as of this writing, 150 different people have donated — but we’re not skimping. We’re working on professionally-duplicated CDs with four-color inserts and beautiful artwork. The track list for the CD is set, and it includes several compositions that Dirk has never shared before, plus a few old favorites. (There’s still time to pick up a CD if you like… they’re $25 over on the GoFundMe page.) We’ve got two wonderful people designing the artwork for the CD: Yan Herbe and Betti Gefecht. Those names might sound familiar to you: Dirk and I met each of them through our fan page and we’ve shared their drawings before. Here are a couple of examples of their earlier work (Betti’s on the left, Yan’s on the right):

Dirk and I are hoping to send the CDs and artwork to the duplicator by the end of this week. The scores are being printed right now, and we have an assembly line set up at home so we can start framing Dirk’s handwritten manuscripts. Timing-wise, we have a bit of travel ahead of us — including a trip to Madison where Dirk will be judging the Mr. Wisconsin Leather competition — but we’re hoping to mail everything out by the end of the August. And between the cost of the piano, the movers, and the printing and mailing of all the premiums, we think we have enough money from the GoFundMe campaign to cover pretty much everything. Which is so incredibly amazing… all the moreso when you think that not even three months ago a brand new piano was just a seemingly-unattainable glimmer in Dirk’s needful eye.

So, in conclusion, Dirk and I just want to send out one more huge, immense, enormous, colossal, titanic, gigantic, humongous THANK YOU to everyone for the incredible outpouring of moral and financial support you’ve shown us over the last couple of months. We couldn’t have done this without you. And I also want to express my own personal appreciation as well… because thanks to you, we can all now look forward to hearing much more of my hubby’s sublime music in the weeks, months, and years to come.

With much love always,
Jesse and Dirk

All Done!