New Photoset: Goofing around in the Dark Room (NSFW)

So much negativity in the past 24 hours! First, bestselling gay romance novelist K.C. Wells is banned from Facebook for 30 days for posting a link to her new novel on Amazon — with Dirk on the cover! And then I find about two more fake porn star profiles who are trying to scam people out of their credit card details. Ugh! I’m not letting this negativity get to me, though. I’ve been dealing with it by breathing deeply, listening to Dirk’s music, thinking about how awesome my workout later is gonna be. And to help spread the good vibes, I’m posting these new pics.

Here’s the backstory. Our buddy Rogan Richards approached me and Dirk back in June, asking us if we wanted to do a photo shoot with him. Of course we agreed! The shoot — which also produced Dirk’s Come On Barbie, Let’s Go Party series — features me, Dirk, Rogan, and Rogan’s best bud Skippy Baxter. I’ve seen some of the early proofs, and with Rogan at the helm, the results are understandably insane. I can’t wait to share ’em.

Anyway, when we were done with that shoot, we kept the camera clicking, thanks to the amazing generosity of the photographer, Damien Hinds (“Damo”) from The Dark Room. Here are a few of the shots we came up with. Enjoy… and keep an eye out for the rest of the photos, which I’ll post here soon.

Keep spreading the good vibes! JJ

TitanMen Exclusive Matt Bosch bikes 122 miles for HIV research

Bosch Bikes 01 (708)

All the Titan Men I’ve worked with have been hot, horny, and hung like a horse… that’s a given. But there’s something more there, too. Titan casts based on character, not just appearance, and everyone I’ve worked with has also been smart, genuine, and kind. Newly-minted TitanMen exclusive Matthew Bosch is no exception. He and I play in the same football league here in Boston, so I’ve known him for a while; he’s the consummate team player, always upbeat and enthusiastic and willing to contribute in whatever way he can.

This past weekend, Matt participated in the 13th annual Harbor to the Bay bicycle ride to raise money HIV research. He’s always been passionate about finding new treatments for HIV. Matt’s day job is at Fenway Health here in Boston, where he helps run a study that has been closely monitoring HIV-positive patients’ medication regimens, in some cases for more than ten years. The research has led directly to major advancements in the pharmaceutical treatment of HIV.

“The years ago, treatment destroyed your body,” Matt told me. “Now, HIV is not a death sentence. It’s a manageable condition. The funds I raise from Harbor to the Bay will help fund that research, but they’ll also go to provide medical care and medication for people with HIV and AIDS who can’t otherwise afford it.”

Matt successfully completed the 122-mile Harbor to the Bay ride on Saturday. “It was awesome,” he texted me from the finish line. “It tested me physically and emotionally. I can barely walk today. But so worth it. I would never do it for fun, but I feel so passionately about the cause that it’s worth it.” Although the ride is over, you can still support him via his fundraising page, and 100% of the money Matt raises goes directly towards Fenway’s research and community health initiatives. As of this writing, he’s still a couple hundred dollars short of his goal, so I hope we can put him over the top. I know he’d really appreciate your support!

Classical Jackman goes all 20th Century on your ass

The other night, Dirk and I had the immense pleasure of dining with gay romance novelist Kaye P. Hallows and her husband at their Boston-area home. (We were on the cover of her recent novel Taking My Chances.) After dinner, we gathered around their piano so that Dirk could entertain us with a few songs. Kaye and I got in on the act too, each of us playing the one piece we could remember.

Then Kaye presented us with some sheet music by 20th century Argentine composer Alberto Ginastera. One of his pieces, Triste — the second of his twelve “American Preludes” — seemed easy enough to play… so when we got home, I found a copy of it online and started practicing. A couple of days later I got to the point where I thought I could actually record it… although I think I’m playing it a little slower than Maestro Ginastera intended. Anyway… I’ve posted the video above. (I’m shirtless in it, of course.) Hope you enjoy it! And be sure to check out Kaye’s awesome fiction!

If the video won’t play, you can view it at this alternate link. Try putting your mobile device in landscape mode first, too. And by the way… that little red thing on the music rack, to the right of the sheet music? Yup, it’s a condom.

Classical… Jackman? I attempt to play Chopin’s C-minor prelude

I haven’t played piano in 30 years — I took piano lessons when I was a kid, from ages 6 though 12 — but now that there’s a piano in the house, I wanted to see if I could wrap my fingers around some of my old favorites, starting with Chopin’s prelude in C-minor (Op. 28, No. 20). So I practiced and practiced and practiced some more…. and……

As you can see, we’re both having fun with Dirk’s new piano. But it’s also an indispensable tool for my hubby… and coming soon, I’ll have video of Composer Dirk in action.

If the above video doesn’t play, try putting your mobile device into landscape mode, or use this alternate link.

Dirk Does Dallas, Hugh/Jackman, and more: Gay Comic Geek’s NSFW review of Blue Collar Ballers

Gay Comic Geek’s reviews are always entertaining, and this one’s no exception. Check out his NSFW take on my latest TitanMen film Blue Collar Ballers, which also features Hugh Hunter, Nick Prescott, Eddy Ceetee, Dallas Steele, any my hubby Dirk. By the way, while I was writing this, it occurred to me that Dirk’s scene with Dallas could be called “Dirk Does Dallas”, and my scene with Hugh Hunter could have been called “Hugh/Jackman”.

Here’s the official Blue Collar Ballers trailer. You can stream or download the entire movie exclusively from TitanMen! And hey, GCG… you can hang off my arm any time you like.

(If GCG’s review doesn’t play, try putting your mobile device in landscape mode, or use this alternate link.)