Pictures from our live sex show at HustlaBall Berlin (NSFW)

As promised, here are a few photos from the live sex show that Dirk and I performed on stage at HustlaBall Berlin! As part of our show — which took place on the main stage in front of several hundred people — Dirk flogged me for a few minutes with one of these, then I turned him around and returned the favor. Then I carried him over to a sling which was conveniently placed on stage, and fucked him for about 15 minutes. Neither of us came — that’s really difficult to do on stage with so many people watching — but I came close!

The German magazine Siegessäule, which interviewed me about HustlaBall (you can read the entire interview here), asked the following question: “When you fuck on stage, is it similar in any way to what you practice privately as a couple in bed, or is it completely different? How are your feelings about it, and during it?” I replied:

openquoteIt’s very different. Although we pay attention to each other while we’re on stage, we understand that we’re performing for the crowd. It can be difficult to see into the audience, though, so judging the crowd’s reaction is tough. So what I generally try to do is to put on the type of show that I, as an audience member, would like to see on stage, then hope that people enjoy what they see. When Dirk and I do live shows together, we’re constantly checking in with each other to try different positions and keep the audience engaged. But the passion between us is genuine, whether it’s on-stage, in front of a camera, or in our bedroom.”

Afterwards, a few people came up to tell us how much they enjoyed the show, because it felt like we were really into it, and into each other. That felt pretty great to hear, cuz that means we did our job well.

A member of the HustlaBall staff was filming everything in high-definition video, but I haven’t seen the footage yet. I hear there may be more pictures too (like of the flogging session). As soon as receive any more footage, I’ll share it with you guys. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed these pictures!

Postcards from Berlin: Our recent trip to HustlaBall (pics and video)

Brandenburger Tor

Thanks to the the generosity of the folks at HustlaBall, Dirk and I performed at KitKatClub for the annual HustlaBall Berlin event. That club is pretty amazing… it’s labyrinthine, has a great sound system, and even has a swimming pool! The HustlaBall guys were great to us, flying us there and putting us up for three days at the Axel Hotel right in Schöneberg, one of Berlin’s gay neighborhoods. (Dirk had actually flown out a week early so he could focus on writing music, which he did rather spectactularly.)

The party was a lot of fun. It started out with the HustlaBall awards, which is a major porn award ceremony for the European gay porn industry. Dirk was nominated for best top — he’s performed in a few Euro videos in the past year — but that honor went to Angel Cruz. It was very cool that Dirk was nominated, though, and NakedSword director Mr. Pam (who hosted the event) invited him up on stage to address the crowd with his deep, sexy voice:

Later in the evening, the fine folks at Barcode Berlin dressed us up in their sweet gear, then Dirk and I performed no less than three live shows, one in the VIP area and two on the main stage. We flogged each other — which was interesting, because I don’t have a lot of experience wielding a flogger — and then we fucked each other in a sling that was conveniently placed on stage. I’m hoping to having photos and video from the shows soon (waiting on the HustlaBall guys for that). And once the festivities were over, Dirk and I took a few days to explore Berlin and take in some of the sights.

Here are a few pictures from the event and from our sightseeing excursions. We hope that HustlaBall Berlin will have us back next year!

The personified anti-stereotype: My German VICE magazine interview

Vice Photo, Resized

During HustlaBall Berlin last weekend, reporter Ronny Matthes (shown with Dirk and me in the photo above) from VICE magazine‘s Berlin bureau approached me to ask me a few questions for an article he was writing about the event. I don’t speak a lick of German, so the interview was conducted in English, and then translated. Thanks to Google Translate — plus the help of my friend Troy Webb, who speaks fluent German — I’m posting my best interpretation of my portion of the article below. I have to say, though, I’m rather tickled by the following phrase: “Jesse Jackman is the personified anti-stereotype of a porn star.”

openquoteIf you’ve spent even a small part of your existence consuming gay porn, then HustlaBall is like a candy shop, because there’s homosexual eye candy running around everywhere. Some of the porn stars I’ve known since my early teenage years; these days, they’re accordingly haggard-looking or overly botoxed. And some are quite out of it. When I interviewed absolute megastar Brent Everett, I have to say afterwards that there was only stammering on the tape.

“It’s such an honor to be here” won’t make it into the Olympus of coherent sentences, but the complete opposite is also possible. Jesse Jackman is the personified anti-stereotype of a porn star. When I met Jesse — who was there with his husband Dirk Caber — we had an intellectual discussion about HIV prevention and sexual ethics in the midst of dozens of drunken, celebrating men who were popping ecstasy tabs into their mouths. “I have a degree in Japanese and another in computer science,” Jesse recounted. He also likes classical music (he plays piano) and blogs for the Huffington Post about politics, art, and issues of personal importance.

But what was Jesse’s answer to this crucial question: Top or Bottom? “I do both. But in the porn industry, I bottom more, because I think there is a demand for bigger, more muscular guys who do.” In fact, Jesse is quite large [1.85 m, or 6′ 1″] compared to other performers. So far I haven’t seen a professional here of more than about 1.70 m (5′ 6″), coming up only to my shoulder. At 42 years old, Jesse is also older than the average porn star. But he isn’t planning on retiring anytime soon. “I’m doing this as long as I enjoy it,” he said, “and there’s no end in sight.”

You can find the entire article in English here, and in German here. I’m also posting a few photos from HustlaBall below… more to come, including (hopefully) some video from when Dirk and I did our live shows!