This Saturday night… it’s Jocks for PAWS, part 2!

Jocks for PAWS

Dirk and I will be back in Albany, NY this Saturday night (February 27) to once again raise money for a great cause… PAWS! “Pets Are Wonderful Support” provides services and financial support to pet owners living with HIV and AIDS to ensure that they are not separated from their animal companions when they need each other the most. In 2015, over 100 clients and 150 pets in the Albany area received veterinary and in-home care, treats, litter, and almost 6 tons of pet food. Dirk and I had a great time raising money for this fantastic organization last year, and are really excited to be participating again in 2016!

The “Jocks for PAWS” fundraiser — which I hear will include a jockstrap auction — will take place at Rocks, located at 77 Central Ave. in downtown Albany, this Saturday night starting at 10 pm. Admission is $10, and proceeds will benefit PAWS ($20 VIP tickets are also available, which includes a meet-and-greet session with me and Dirk at 9 pm). For more information, visit the official PAWS event listing. Please come out and help support this great cause!

Here are a few pictures from last year’s event. Woof!

Jocks for Paws II

Watch Out… big things ahead

Watch Out...

I haven’t written much on the blog lately, but I’ve got a very good reason… I’ve been working on a big secret project that’s on deck to be announced early next week. I can’t wait for the secret to come out… I really think we’ve hit a home run with this one!

Stay tuned…

Cauke for President part 2, and the cleverest porn line I’ve ever heard

I know porn isn’t exactly known for sophisticated dialogue, but in the new TitanMen blockbuster Cauke for President, Adam Ramzi delivers a really awesome one-liner.

In the film’s second scene, Luke Adams is out canvassing door-to-door for presidential hopeful Mike Cauke. He’s greeted at one house by Mr. Ramzi, who’s wearing nothing but a towel. Luke tries to convince Adam to vote for the Senator, but Adam clearly has something else on his mind. What follows is a really hot 39-minute scene that ends with Adam’s line… something that director Jasun Mark came up with right in the middle of filming.

Check out free the 4 minute NSFW extended preview — which includes Adam’s quip — above. You can watch or download the entire scene in 1080p HD here (and thousands of other scenes) with your Titan membership. If you’re not a member, sign up now and get instant access for at little as 32 cents a day.

Gay Comic Geek’s NSFW review of ICONS — with me, Colt Rivers, Dallas Steele, and the return of Diesel Washington!

Here’s Gay Comic Geek‘s NSFW review of my latest movie ICONS, directed by Jasun Mark. I finally get to work with industry superstar and HOT power bottom Colt Rivers (in his TitanMen debut, by the way)… but the real highlight of this film is the triumphant return of porn legend Diesel Washington. He and Dallas Steele have amazing chemistry!

Check out Gay Comic Geek’s review below, then to watch the entire film, click here.

Cauke for President, scene 1: NSFW video and behind-the-scenes pics!

By now, you may have seen press coverage of TitanMen director Jasun Mark’s latest film Cauke for President. Major media outlets such as The Chicago Tribune, The Huffington Post, PinkNews, Towleroad, and Queerty have all written articles about the film… the parade of coverage has been seemingly endless. We love it!

Cauke for President isn’t a porn parody… it’s a fully-scripted movie with story about a closeted gay conservative Senator (Matthew Bosch) who gets outed during a Manhunt hookup (Nick Prescott). The Senator then finds his political career and personal relationship thrown into question when a leaked sex tape makes its way to PornHub.

Cauke is the first in a series of “socially relevant” films that Titan will be releasing over the next several months. It’s a very exciting time for us at the studio! And even though these scripted porn dramas are serious business, making them is still a ton of fun, as you can tell from the behind-the-scenes photos I’ve posted below.

I’ve posted the NSFW extended trailer from the the first scene of the film at the top of this post, but you can watch the entire 51 minute scene right now… and be sure to keep an eye on the Cauke for President homepage every Wednesday in February for a brand new chapter of the film!