FREE SCENE DAY 2: Tommy Defendi and Brendan Patrick!

Yesterday, Titan gave away a free mini-scene from Jailbreak starring Hunter Marx and Drake Jaden. And now, here’s Tommy Defendi and Brendan Patrick! For FREE!

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Three days of FREE scenes! Day 1: Hunter Marx and Drake Jaden!

All I’m asking for in return is your vote!

Titan is releasing three full mini-scenes from Jailbreak — including their “explosive” endings — ABSOLUTELY FREE!

** Scene 1 starring Hunter Marx and Drake Jaden is below! **

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VIDEO: Dirk is writing songs for me! And I’m playing them! (Sorta.)

Dirk has started writing music for me! Specifically, he’s started writing a “songbook” for me as I start re-learning how to play piano, which I haven’t played since I was a kid. Here’s me trying to play the first of them… well, the first half of it, anyway. I’m still working on learning the second half… it’s really hard!

The song is a “barcarole” which, according to Wikipedia, is a traditional Italian folk song that was commonly sung by Venetian gondoliers in the 19th century. (“Barca” is Italian for “boat.”) Hopefully I’ll be able to play the whole thing soon… and a little bit faster than what you see here. To be continued…

New video: Me, Dirk Caber, Max Cameron… and a violet wand (NSFW)

When Dirk’s out in San Francisco, he likes to have fun… and Mr. S Leather is more than happy to pay him for it. Well… actually they compensate him with store credit, which is just fine with him considering his love of leather and fetish gear. Dirk shot the above video for the Mr. S catalog on his last trip out there; in it, he’s torturing Max Cameron with one of their violet wand kits. Those things are pretty awesome… I should know, because Dirk and I filmed a scene using one for TitanMen’s Rough line. Here’s a preview:

If you want to watch our full scene — it’s 53 minutes long and also features a real live taser — click here. By the way, Dirk and I ended up buying the violet wand we’re using in the video… and you can too.

The Gay Comic Geek reviews OUT!

I always look forward to watching the Gay Comic Geek‘s porn reviews. They’re really fun to watch — Paul’s energy is infectious — but beyond that, they give you a really honest assessment of each film’s quality. But I’ve been especially looking forward to this review of TitanMen’s OUT! because I’m so proud of this film. Here’s the NSFW review:

To me, the best part of the review is when Paul talks about the film’s message. “One of the best aspects about this movie is the coming out aspect,” he says. “It was treated very positively. Many porn movies treat the aspect of staying in the closet as much more important, and having much of of a sexualized aspect to it. In this movie, once they do come out, it’s very positive and something that I think is really good.” Thanks, Paul… that’s exactly what we were going for! You can read about how OUT! came to be here.

You can watch or download OUT! here with your TitanMen membership. Not a member? Sign up now for instant access. OUT! is available on DVD, too.

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