Silverlake: Director Jasun Mark’s ode to his adoptive LA home (VIDEO)


TitanMen’s brand new film Silverlake came out this week, and it’s not your everyday porn flick. For one thing, it continues the story of Steve Roman (played by Dallas Steele) and Mark Rollins (David Benjamin), first seen in the Grabby-nominated film Cauke for President. It’s also a taste of things to come, as it contains a quick cameo of me playing “John Colby”, a character I created that you’ll be seeing a lot more of in the future:

But most importantly, the film holds a lot of personal meaning for director Jasun Mark. “It’s my love letter to my [Los Angeles] neighborhood of Silverlake,” says Jasun. “I also had to reinvent and start a new life at 40 in Silverlake. It’s got a lot of shout-outs to my new life. The Micheltorena stairs, London Street, a scene shot in my office, a sunset hookup, and even jogging past the Reagan house across from (and Leonardo DiCaprio’s house next to) our place in Palm Springs. This movie was a bit of a labor of love. [Titan’s VP] Keith [Webb] told David Benjamin and me to just make the movie we wanted to make. We walked away with a movie that was about leaving behind a life you hated and finding love. We hope you like it.”

I’ve posted the NSFW preview of scene 1, which also stars new Titan man Vinnie Stefano, above, as well as a ton of promotional and behind-the-scenes photos below. You can watch or download the scene in 1080p HD here with your Titan membership. Not a member? Sign up here and get instant access to this and literally thousands of other scenes. You’ll also be the first to access the other scenes in Silverlake, will be released over the next three weeks!

TitanMen Exclusive David Benjamin:

TitanMen Exclusive Dallas Steele:

Vinnie Stefano:

Action Pics:


Live from the Set: New Titan Man Jason Vario looks “a little shocked”

What is brand new Titan Man Jason Vario peeking at in this new behind-the-scenes video? And why, in director Jasun Mark’s words, does he look “a little shocked” at first? You’ll have to wait and see, because this new TitanMen film (which also stars Alex Mecum, Bruce Beckham, Matthew Bosch, Alex Graham, and yours truly) doesn’t come out until November. Here’s a hint, though:

Stay tuned…


Dirk’s scorching new scene with Adam Ramzi (NSFW pics/video)

Scene 3 from TitanMen’s Blueprint has arrived… and it stars my hubby Dirk Caber along with featured Titan man Adam Ramzi! Dirk and Adam had known each other a long time, and have been itching to work together. Titan gave them that chance, I’m glad they did… Adam and Dirk’s flip scene is really, really hot. Check out the free NSFW preview above and all the pics below!

You can watch the entire scene here with your Titan membership. Not a member? Sign up now for instant access to this and thousands of other scenes. And by the way, to my friends at Titan: I would absolutely love to work with Adam someday, hint hint.

Dirk Caber:

Adam Ramzi:

Action Pics:


“Dick it is” – Behind the scenes with Bruce Beckham and Dallas Steele

TitanMen’s new movie Blueprint opens with architect Bruce Beckham arriving at the palatial estate of owner Dallas Steele, with plans to create a new roofline. As Bruce enters, Dallas introduces himself as “Richard Jones… but my friends call me Dick.” As Bruce enters the house, Dallas follows, checking out the architect’s solid ass as he walks by.

It seems simple enough, but even the small details matter to the TitanMen crew. That’s why they did three takes of this quick intro… so they could provide you with the best possible product in the final edit. So how’d they do? Watch the completed intro here (NSFW).

Blueprint scene 2: Matthew Bosch, Eric Nero, and a really big ‘D’

Scene 2 from TitanMen’s Blueprint is here, and it features the pairing of two exclusives: Matthew Bosch and Eric Nero. Eric plays the owner of Big “D” Construction Company, and when Matthew asks him why it’s called Big “D”, Eric says it’s because he has a big… well, you know. I’ve posted the NSFW preview above and a bunch of pics below. You can watch the entire 41 minute scene here with your TitanMen membership. Not a member? Join today and get instant access to the entire TitanMen library — and you can even download the videos to keep forever.

By the way, I had the pleasure of working with the amazing Eric Nero in the Grabby-nominated film Jailbreak… you can watch our scene here. And rumor has it that I might be filming with Mr. Bosch very soon. Stay tuned!

Eric Nero:

Matthew Bosch:

Action Pics: