Pics from the live show at Steamworks starring Dirk Caber, Dallas Steele, and Nick Prescott — with a cameo by me (NSFW)

It was billed as a meeting of two powerhouses — my hubby Dirk Caber and TitanMen exclusive Nick Prescott — to promote the Grabby-nominated Titan film Jailbreak. Nick’s Uber was stuck in traffic, though, so Dallas Steele gamely stepped in to fuck Dirk’s hungry ass fill Nick’s shoes until he got there. Okay, I admit it… all that hotness was too much for me to resist. So, with permission from the Steamworks staff, I jumped up on stage for a few minutes to get my dick sucked by my hubby. Guilty as charged!

A photographer from the amazing industry blog Queer Me Now was on hand to photograph the whole thing; I’ve reposted their pics below (click any photo to enlarge it, then use the arrow keys to scroll). If you like the photos, be sure to check out Dirk and Dallas’s Grabby-winning scene for “Best Duo”, and my scene with Nick in TitanMen’s OUT.

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  1. Don Howard
    Don Howard says:

    Pretty much the definition of fuckin’ hot…as was the live broadcast. Kudos all around, especially to Dirk for the DP!


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