Bruce Beckham’s AVN interview, with behind-the-scenes pics!

I’d like to congratulate my friend Bruce Beckham who was just featured in a full-page interview in AVN Magazine! This is a really big deal: AVN is one of the leading industry associations (encompassing all types of adult films, not just gay ones), so to be featured in their magazine is huge. Congratulations, buddy!

As the article mentions, I filmed a scene with Bruce that will be coming out in August… watch for it exclusively at In the meantime, check out Bruce’s TitanMen debut in Blueprint with the ultra sexy TitanMen exclusive — and “Manly Man” Grabby winner — Dallas Steele. I’ve also included a bunch of behind-the-scenes pics from Bruce’s first Titan shoot back in March (at the bottom of this post). Enjoy!

Bruce Beckham AVN June 2016GOING PRO: Bruce Beckham is back, and this time he’s serious

By Sherri L. Shaulis

This time around, Bruce Beckham is ready to go all in. The performer, who initially joined the industry nine years ago, rejoined adult in late March, shooting for a number of companies already, including Titan, Falcon, Channel 1 Releasing, and Hot House.

“When I was in the industry before, it was different,” Beckham told AVN. “I didn’t really invest in my career, or do many appearances.”

At the time, Beckham said, he was under contract with Michael Lucas, and the world of porn was completely different. “You didn’t have that immediate interaction with fans,” he said. “There wasn’t social media the way there is now. Before it was up to the studios to promote the films and the performers. Now, the onus is on the models to self-promote through Twitter, Instagram and the like. It’s a whole different game than it was nine years ago.”

Beckham said he initially got into the industry when he was working in Los Angeles as a bartender, but had a few friends who were in the industry. “I had always been curious about doing porn, so I thought I would give it a shot,” he said. The brunette with almost icy blue eyes was in the industry for about four months, shooting a few scenes here and there, when Lucas wanted to put him under contract. But, Beckham said, shooting adult was more of a hobby for him, and his bartending jobs eventually took priority.

“At the time, I said I would do porn until it wasn’t fun anymore,” he said. “It got to be a little too much with the bartending and filming, so I left.” This time around, however, he wants to make more of a name and make a real career in the industry. “I’m in better shape than I have been in my whole life,” he said. “I’d like to work as much as I can for as long as I can. I can really dedicate myself this time around and I plan on making the most of it.”

Making the most of it, he said, includes shooting for a number of companies, but not being tied to just one. But already, some companies are excited to see him back. “His first movie/scene to be released will be with TitanMen,” said Keith Webb of Titan Media. “And we’ve already shot him for three additional movies, shooting him soon for a fourth movie, and have him booked for movies five and six! He is going to be a BIG star and we want to make sure he’s featured in as many TitanMen films as possible.”

Webb and Beckham said the first movie featuring the performer is Blueprint, which debuted in June. Beckham plays an architect in the movie, which also stars TitanMen exclusives Eric Nero and Matthew Bosch, as well as Dirk Caber, Adam Ramzi, and Max Sargent. Webb said Beckham will also be in an August release with TitanMan Exclusive (TME) Jesse Jackman, a September release with TME Matthew Bosch, an October release with TME Eddy Ceetee, a November release with TME Lorenzo Flexx, and a December release with TME David Anthony.

“We’re keeping him busy and pairing him with all our exclusive performers,” Webb said. “Only the very best for Bruce!”

“He’s everything we look for in a Titan Man,” Webb continued. “Handsome, smart, mature, masculine, stunning physique, big dick, and he can deliver dialogue on par with most Hollywood actors. I think the first time around he was young and not quite sure what he wanted. This time around he’s much more mature, much more centered and much more in charge of what he wants to do with his career. He is one of the most grounded, thoughtful, and genuine performers I’ve worked with over the past 20 years. He’s special.”

For more information on Beckham, visit his website, or follow him on Instagram at BruceAintLoose or Twitter @BruceBeckhamXXX.

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