It’s my 5 year porniversary… but the gifts are for you! (Video)

The preview from my very first film, Surveillance, shot 5 years ago today. Look how young I look!

It’s hard to believe, but exactly 5 years ago today I wrapped my very first porn shoot, Surveillance with Hunter Marx! And what a remarkable 5 years it’s been. I’ve met and worked with and some truly amazing people, and many of them have become like family to me — I’m looking at you, TitanMen crew! My porn career got me a sweet gig blogging for HuffPost. And of course, I met the love of my life through my work in the industry. And so many other great things have happened that are far too numerous to mention in a single blog post.

Through it all — day in and day out — you guys (and, to our great delight but initial surprise, you gals) have been right there with us. You’ve given me and Dirk encouragement and support, and — even though you might not know it — you picked us up when we were down… and asked nothing in return. Thank you. Dirk and I hope that along the way we’ve been able to pick a few of you up as well… or at least get you off!

And now for the good stuff! They say one is supposed to get wood (I’m not kidding) for a 5th anniversary present… but they also say that it’s better to give than to receive, so to celebrate my 5 year porniversary, here’s some new footage from my very first shoot! These are a couple of long-forgotten clips from the set of Surveillance. The first is behind-the-scenes video from the photo shoot we did for the DVD cover (remember DVDs?) and the promotional artwork for the film. Brian Mills also gives some fascinating insight into how much more involved the photo shoots were 25 years ago:

The second clip is an on-camera interview that my co-star Hunter Marx and I did immediately after wrapping our scene, exactly 5 years ago today:

I hope you enjoyed these little nuggets from the past. If you want to watch the completed version of the scene, you can do so here.

I can’t wait to see what the next five years will bring!

With much love and appreciation and respect always,
Jesse Jackman


NSFW VIDEO: Fire Island sex show with me, Dirk, and Hugh Hunter!

Last Thursday, Dirk and I appeared live at Cherry’s on the Bay on Fire Island for their weekly BLOW party. The crowd was great, and we had a ton of fun giving out free body shots. The organizer of the event encouraged us to get frisky on stage, so we did… and what started out as simple making out progressively turned to sucking, rimming, and — finally — full-on fucking at the end of the night. I love my job.

Here are a couple of videos I shot of Dirk and Hugh during their portion of the stage show. I’m also posting a few pics I took. If anybody shot any other video or took pics at the event, please let me know… Dirk, Hugh, and I would love to see ’em! (By the way, did you know I was Hugh’s first ever scene partner, in TitanMen’s Blue Collar Ballers? You can watch our scene together at


VIDEO: Dirk Finds a New Friend… in the Trash

Dirk and I recently spent an afternoon at the deCordova Museum just outside Boston, and while we were visiting the gift shop, he found a new friend… in the trash. (Video above.)

It reminds me a little of that time I once found a new friend in the trash, too.

Video: Cleaning House and Making Out (with Me and Dirk)

Way back in July of 2015 — it feels like an eternity ago — the TitanMen crew took some still photos of my hubby Dirk and me in the predawn hours just outside of Palm Springs. We started filming at 6 am because you do not want to be out in the desert in July once the sun comes up, believe me!

One of the crew shot some video, too… just a couple of quick clips of me and the hubby making out and stroking each other. I’d completely forgotten about them, until I came across them this morning as I was cleaning up some files on my laptop. I’m sharing a few photos from the morning as well. Hope you like them!

Hi from the “Rent” set! (NSFW video)

On the set of our new movie “Rent”, my co-star Bruce Beckham and I took a moment to send a shout-out to the amazing industry blog Queer Me Now, which has always been a great friend of the studio. This isn’t the first time we’ve sent a video message to them from the set, by the way: Alex Mecum, Jason Vario, Alex Graham, and I wished QMN a happy 10th anniversary last month while skinny-dipping in the TitanMen pool.

Watch my scene with Bruce in “Rent” on-demand at (NSFW).