Say Uncle, scene 2: Bruce Beckham and Matthew Bosch flip-fuck!

Here’s the scene that a lot of you have been waiting for… TitanMen exclusive Matthew Bosch and featured Titan Man Bruce Beckham in a very hot flip-fuck scene! All that muscle… just… wow. I’d love to be in the middle of a Bruce/Matthew sandwich, wouldn’t you?

Check out the free NSFW preview above and all the action and behind-the-scenes pics below, then watch the entire 42 minute scene here with your TitanMen membership. Not a member? Sign up here for instant access, then stream or download every scene in Titan’s massive library for as little as 32 cents a day!

TitanMen Exclusive Matthew Bosch:

Featured Titan Man Bruce Beckham:

Action Pics:


New! Anthony London pounds Luke Adams in Say Uncle (NSFW video)

In the new TitanMen/Jasun Mark film Say Uncle, Luke Adams is helping out his best friend’s uncle Anthony London, the owner of Desert HVAC, Inc. (“Blowing hard since 1996!”). Lucky for Luke, his first task is a very close inspection of Anthony’s pipe. Here’s the free NSFW trailer:

If you like what you see, you can watch or download Luke and Anthony’s entire 40 minute scene here with your TitanMen membership. Not a member yet? Sign up here for instant streaming or download access to the full TitanMen catalog — literally thousands of scenes – for less than a dollar a day!

I’ve posted all the official promotional, action, and behind-the-scenes photos from Luke and Anthony’s scene below. Enjoy!

By the way, while I haven’t filmed with Luke yet (hopefully someday!), I did top Anthony in the TitanMen film Scruffy. Watch our scene here!

Anthony London:

Luke Adams:

Action Pics:


You never know what you’ll find inside a Bible…

I’m used to seeing my pics turn up on Twitter or Tumblr, but here’s something… different. When Dirk and I were up in Montreal a few weeks ago, I logged into Scruff* (as one does) to find a rather, um, unusual message from a fellow Bostonian who was also up for the weekend. It read:

openquoteHey mister! Fellow Flag footballer from Boston here, just curious and sorry for the forwardness, but is this a pic of you in my hotel bible?!”

And then I opened the attached photo and started laughing:

Okay… I know there’s a first time for everything, but this is pretty amazing. I can honestly say that I never, ever thought I’d be tucked away inside a Bible, let alone a French one. J’aime Montréal!

I’ve posted the rest of my conversation with the guy from Boston, whose name is Steve, below. He’s a cutie! By the way, I correctly guessed the name of the hotel that he and his friends were staying in, but I know that a lot of Americans stay there when visiting Montreal, so it was a little more than blind luck.

I can’t help but wonder where I’ll turn up next!

*Scruff is an app, similar to Grindr, that finds other guys in your area (or globally) who are interested in chatting, meeting for coffee, hooking up, etc. Dirk and I have met some amazing guys on there, and had more than a few mind-blowing hookups. But mostly we just use it to chat with good folks from around the world.