Porn Blooper: “Sticker Shock” (NSFW)

Here’s a new blooper for you guys from TitanMen’s Parole. The plan was for me to do my cum shot, reach into my boot to pull out a sheet of holographic security seals, and replace the one on parolee Lorenzo Flexx‘s ankle monitor. I thought I’d done it all in one take… but as you can see, not all scenes go exactly according to plan:

Watch my scene with Lorenzo here.

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  1. Ann Alaskan
    Ann Alaskan says:

    ROFLMAO in Alaska!! It’s 12° outside & this warmed my heart! Love it!! Thank you. Needed this laff today soooooo bad! Sticker On!!

  2. James
    James says:

    That sticker landed so perfectly centered, it almost looked like it was on purpose. Even your bloopers are impressive.


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