New Behind-the-Scenes Video: “Après Porn” (Parts 1 and 2)
Jasun Mark and I unwind after a long day on set… plus Liam Knox, and a glimpse of the “new guy”

In the two videos below, you can see that TitanMen lead director Jasun Mark and I have different ways of treating ourselves after a long but rewarding day of filming porn. To each his own, I guess! The second video also has a brief cameo of TitanMen exclusive Liam Knox, plus a brand new Titan Man whom I had the pleasure of breaking in for his very first porn shoot!

Jasun and I shot these videos of each other on the TitanMen set in Palm Springs last Friday (January 17). Liam’s first scene (with fellow exclusive Dallas Steele) comes out next month, followed by scenes with both me and my hubby Dirk Caber. And watch for the new guy’s debut scenes — one with me and one with Liam — coming this spring, exclusively from TitanMen!

A couple of pics from New Year’s Eve at Steamworks Chicago

Left to right: Jesse Jackman, Dirk Caber, Liam Knox, Chris Harder, Jackson’s friend Alex, Jackson Grant, Jack Vidra

For New Year’s Eve this year, Dirk and I decided to do something a bit… different: spend it at a bathhouse! Our friends Jackson Grant and Chris Harder were performing a live sex show at Steamworks in Chicago, so we decided to go and support them. And by “we” I mean not just Dirk and me… Titan men Jack Vidra and Liam Knox joined us as well. We had a really good time watching the show and <ahem> in the hot tub afterwards.

Steamworks always treats us wonderfully when we’re there, and we always have a good time whether we’re performing or just, uh, letting it all hang out. We’re not really allowed to take pictures or shoot video at Steamworks, but we did manage to get this group shot of us, as well as me standing next to a familiar face by the entrance. By the way, Jack Vidra, Liam Knox, and Jackson Grant have all filmed with TitanMen, but none of their scenes have been released yet. Watch for them on the Titan website in the coming months! Here are a few behind-the-scenes pics from Liam and Jack’s scene together… much more to come!