Long-overdue pics and video from HustlaBall Las Vegas (NSFW)

It’s been a busy few weeks! Dirk and I have been getting ready to leave for Australia, where we have a busy line-up of shows and seminars planned. But I didn’t want to forget to post these pics from our appearance at HustlaBall Las Vegas last month (see below). We wish we could make it to the first ever HustlaBall Tel Aviv too, but we’ll be in Sydney at the time. If you’re anywhere near Tel Aviv, though, you should totally go… it’s an awesome time!

Without further ado, here are the pics and videos… sorry they’re so late. I’ve also included a few from the excellent blog Queer Me Now; you can see the rest on their website by clicking here. Hope to see you in Vegas again next year!

HustlaBall VIP Party Pics:

My live show with Bennett Anthony:

Backstage at HustlaBall (originally broadcast live on my Facebook page):

HustlaBall Main Event:

Other Pics from Las Vegas:

Watching the fountain at the Bellagio Hotel: