Flashback Friday: My first photo shoot with TitanMen! (NSFW)

As I go through the process of moving all of my videos to a new, hopefully more stable hosting platform, I just came across this NSFW gem from August 29, 2011, during the photo shoot for my very first film, Surveillance:

The guy taking the pictures, Brian Mills, used to be Titan’s lead director as well as principal photographer. He worked at Titan for 20 years, and I was proud to be the very last scene he directed for the studio (with Adam Russo in Down and Dirty). The man is a genius, and between him and Titan’s current lead director/photographer Jasun Mark, I’ve learned a ton about what it takes to make those photos you see look as good as they do!

Hope you enjoy the video, which also features Surveillance stars Hunter Marx, Trenton Ducati, Christopher Daniels, and Dario Beck! Here’s what the finished photos looked like… and you can also watch the free trailer for Surveillance here!

Me, Dirk, and Rogan Richards in a NEW motel room 3-way! (NSFW)

Bet you’ve never seen this one before:

Recently, Dirk and I met up with our pal Rogan Richards in New York City, where we set up a couple of cameras in our hotel room — along with a portable sling — and filmed MOTEL MUSCLE: PLAYPIT. Dirk calls it one of his top 5 scenes he’s ever been in, and it’s way up there for me too.

You can only see MOTEL MUSCLE: PLAYPIT on Rogan’s new website, RoganRichards.com. He has tons of other X-rated videos there too, including a couple of others that also feature Rogan with me and/or Dirk (and Skippy Baxter!) that you won’t find anywhere else, Motel Muscle and Motel Muscle 4 Way:

Check it all out at RoganRichards.com! And if you still can’t get enough of the big guy and his sexy Australian accent — I know I can never get enough — you can also check out Rogan’s TitanMen scenes here!

New behind-the-scenes video: Julian Knowles blows Liam Knox!

Last weekend I was in Palm Springs to film a couple of scenes (one with Luke Adams and one with Julian Knowles). I had to leave on Sunday afternoon, but I was able to watch the start of production on a third scene, this one pairing Julian with TitanMen exclusive Liam Knox!

I shot some behind-the-scenes video (above) and edited it together on the 6 hour plane ride home. I captured a lot of the lead-in and setup, which should hopefully entertain those of you who are curious about way things flow on set… but if you want to jump to the good part — the blow job part, that is — skip ahead to the 9 minute mark.

The scenes we filmed this weekend will be out later this year, exclusively from TitanMen. Julian is brand new, so he doesn’t have any scenes out yet… but you can watch Luke’s existing scenes here and Liam’s scenes here. And if you want to check out me and Liam in action, you can watch us in the newly-released film Audition!


P.S. The guy occasionally seen walking around in the background is TitanMen VP Keith Webb, who shows up in behind-the-scenes footage from time to time. (Our cameramen prefer not to be on camera at all, which is why I’ve blurred them out.) It was a really fun weekend and I’ll have more behind-the-scenes stuff for you soon!


New pics and video from our flogging demo at Sydney Mardi Gras!

On March 4, Dirk and I had the great honor of performing a live flogging demo on stage at the official Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras party! In front of thousands of people! I was pretty nervous going into it, although Dirk took it in stride. But I can honestly say that it was a lot of fun, and I hope we get a chance to do it again!

A friend of ours shot video of performance on his cellphone, which I’ve posted above, and some photos from our performance are included below. Thank you so much to the Mardi Gras organizers for including us!