New Pics/Video: Dirk Caber and Lorenzo Flexx in Cum Laude (NSFW)

Because this is ostensibly a porn blog , I wanted to share with you some NSFW pics and video from my hubby Dirk Caber‘s HOT new scene with TitanMen exclusive Lorenzo Flexx. It’s the 4th and final chapter of the new film Cum Loudly Laude which just came out last night. I’ve posted the NSFW preview above and a ton of pics below. You can also watch their entire 42 minute scene here!

In case you missed it, check out the first three scenes in Cum Laude here, which also star Jonah Fontana and Jackson Grant along with Dirk and Lorenzo.

Dirk Caber:

TitanMen Exclusive Lorenzo Flexx:

Action Pics:


Video: “I Love Gingers”

Dirk shot this yesterday at our weekly “sushi nite” with our Boston sushi crew. We filmed it to send to a couple of good friends of ours — one of whom loves ginger almost as much as I do — but the video’s pretty funny (thanks to our buddy JoJo and his chopsticks…. you’ll see…) so we decided to share it with you guys too.

Escape from Chicago (Video)

On Sunday night during IML weekend, Dirk and I took a couple of our really good friends to the Safe House, a new spy-themed restaurant in downtown Chicago. I’m a longtime veteran of the original Safe House in Milwaukee, having first gone there when I was in my 20s, and suffice it to say I’m a huge fan. The restaurant itself is full of fun spy gadgets, trap doors, and puzzles for you to solve… and to even enter the place, you need to know the password! I knew it from my visits to the one in Milwaukee, but Dirk and our friends were out of luck, hee hee… so I got to go inside ahead of them and watch gleefully on a monitor as the three of them — plus a poor random fourth guest who had no idea what was going on — had to prove their worthiness as strongman spies:

And when it came time to leave, we literally had to search for the exit — behind a fake bookshelf of course — and then navigate a series of lasers in order to “escape” from the restaurant:

Needless to say, we friggin’ LOVE this place. And while it’s “spy-bye” to the Safe House for now, you can’t keep good spies away for long!