Here’s the NSFW preview for my upcoming film “Muscle Daddies”

Next week, I have brand new scene coming out in a film called Muscle Daddies. The scene — with sexy new Titan Man Steve Roman — doesn’t come out until next week, but the NSFW preview just came out… and here it is!

You can watch scene 1 of Muscle Daddies, which just came out today and stars Dallas Steele and Jason Vario, here. And watch for my scene with Steve coming next week, exclusively from TitanMen. Here are a couple of teaser pics from our scene together… more to come!

NSFW pics & video from Cleveland Pride and FLEXspas Cleveland!

Yeah, I know… I’m really late in posting this… but better late than never, I hope! Back in June, Dirk and I represented FLEXspas Cleveland at Cleveland’s 2017 Pride festival. People out there are so friendly… we had an awesome time! We also had a live show that evening at FLEX which, we’re happy to say, was really well attended, and people seemed to enjoy themselves. (We didn’t mean to break the futon… we swear!)

We were also very fortunate to work with Vision Video Productions on a photo shoot and video interview. The photos are really great! I’ve already posted the full interview here, but they also put together a “teaser” reel that I’m happy to share here for the first time:

Here are the photos from the Vision Video shoot. Dirk and I both love how they came out!

Finally, here are some miscellaneous pics we took during the Pride festival and at FLEX’s gym. (It’s not every day we get to work out shirtless, which was fun… and it’s a really good gym.

We had a fantastic time and hope to be back in Cleveland (and at FLEX) again soon!

New interview: Dirk and I drop the “C” word at FLEXspas Cleveland

I’m talking, of course, about “change” — in our industry, in the community, and in ourselves. That’s just one of the many topics that Dirk and I covered during a wide-ranging interview with FLEXspas Cleveland… while wearing nothing but our underwear, of course. The interview was conducted in on June 24, 2017, but was just released the other day. Hope you enjoy it!

P.S. We also discuss the “other” C-word… cuddling, natch!

All New Porn Star Karaoke: Kelly Clarkson’s “Go” with Liam Knox, Steve Roman, Jasun Mark, and me!

Not long ago, I flew to Palm Springs for a day to film with hot new stud Steve Roman. (I love breaking in the newbies!) That evening, director Jasun Mark and I grabbed him — along with Liam Knox, who was filming with Steve the next day — and recorded an all new Porn Star Karaoke video set to a little-known but extremely catchy Kelly Clarkson song called “Go,” which I’ve posted above. We had a lot of fun filming it, and we hope you enjoy it!

Watch Liam and Steve in action in their brand new scene (link NSFW), just released this week… you can watch more Porn Star Karaoke videos here, too. And stay tuned for my scene with sexy Steve, coming soon exclusively from TitanMen!