My scene with my “little bro” Julian Knowles is out! (NSFW Video)

He plays my “little bro” in Titan’s new feature Big Brother, but there’s nothing little about Julian Knowles:

Dirk and I have been friends with Julian and his hubby Daymin Voss for a long time. Filming with friends is a lot of fun, and we had a great time on this shoot. We hope you like it!

You can watch the full scene here.

You can stream or download both scenes in their entirety — along with thousands of other scenes — with your TitanMen membership. Not a member? Sign up today and get unlimited access for as little as 32 cents a day! By the way, Daymin is also in Big Brother — you can watch his scene with Jason Vario here — and has a brand new scene with my hubby Dirk coming out soon!

Here’s a bunch of pics from my scene with Julian. Enjoy!

Julian Knowles:

TitanMen Exclusive Jesse Jackman:

Action Pics:


Sneak preview of my new film “Big Brother” with Julian Knowles!

Hot off TitanMen’s website, here’s the NSFW trailer for my latest film Big Brother, featuring the TitanMen debut of my good friend Julian Knowles!

Our scene drops on November 29, but you can watch the film’s first scene, which stars Luke Adams and Tristan Jaxx, right now with your Titan membership. Not a member? Watch their free preview, then sign up for instant access!

New Video: Halloween on Castro Street!

Halloween in San Francisco’s Castro district isn’t what it used to be — you can read about its sometimes-tragic history in this excellent Wikipedia article — but it’s still fun to walk around and check out all the fun costumes. I filmed this little video on Castro Street at about 9:30 pm this past Saturday (October 28) while I was on my way to HustlaBall. It was fairly early in the evening so the street wasn’t all that busy, but it still hopefully gives you a little taste of how cool the San Francisco Halloween vibe can be. Hope you enjoy it!