I need your vote for the 2018 Grabby Awards!

:  Please vote for me for “Hottest Body” at the 2018 Grabby Awards! Here’s the voting form (alternate link here):

The 2018 Grabby Award nominations are out, and I’m honored and humbled to be nominated for FOUR awards:

  • Performer of the Year
  • Best Versatile Performer
  • Hottest Rimming* (with Steve Roman in “Muscle Daddies”)
  • Hottest Body

And my hubby Dirk has also been nominated for Best Flip Scene in “Cum Laude” with Jackson Grant!

This year’s Grabby Awards is a bit different, in that YOU get to vote in the “Hottest Body” category! The competition is fierce, but I would really appreciate your vote, which you can cast at the top of this page. I’m one of the oldest guys on the list — I’ll be nearly 45 by late May, when the Grabbys are held — and wouldn’t it be cool if this “old dude” were to win? Anyway, I’ll leave it up to you guys… there’s plenty of amazing looking guys on the list, especially my good friends Jason Vario and Liam Knox… but if you wanna vote for me that would be awesome!

The Grabby Awards are being held on May 26 in Chicago. The show is open to the public; you can buy tickets here.

* For those of you who aren’t familiar with rimming (also known as “anilingus”), here’s the Wikipedia article on the subject. I hear the Grabby award comes with a toothbrush and a bottle of mouthwash.

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  1. Maude L. Richard
    Maude L. Richard says:

    Voted on my three computer, so three votes . Hope you win this and many more awards at The Grabbys Awards this year!

    Maude xxx

  2. Ian R
    Ian R says:

    You got my vote sexyman . Tell Dirk he would get the sexiest voice (my god his deep tones make me go weak…..) and sexiest butt ( weak again !!!)


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