Pics and video from an amazing Pride weekend at FLEX Spas Phoenix!
Plus… bloopers!

Last weekend, Dirk and I flew down to Phoenix, Arizona for a Saturday night appearance at the amazing FLEX Spas Phoenix! It also happened to be Phoenix Pride weekend, which made our visit extra special because we got to be on the FLEX float in the Pride parade! Our nighttime appearance was a lot of fun, too… the spa set up both a bed and a sling for us, and we put on a 45 minute live sex show for a packed house.

We shot a few videos while we were there, too. Here’s the official promo we filmed with Vision Video Productions to promote our appearance…

… and, as promised, the blooper reel from that video!

We also did a photo shoot with Vision Video… here’s a sampling of the results:

And finally, here are a few pics we shot at FLEX and at the Pride festival, as well as a Facebook Live stream we shot from the parade float. Thank so much to everyone who came out to see us, and to FLEX and Vision Video for being such great hosts… Dirk and I can’t wait to be back!!

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  1. Mark J.VonBank
    Mark J.VonBank says:

    4/17/’18 wonderful photos and videos Jesse and Dirk. Looks like it was a lot of fun and great weather! I am so Happy you both enjoyed it so much!

  2. Kim thorne
    Kim thorne says:

    You and dirk look so happy. I’m so happy for you I’m glad you have each other.. good luck in the future.

  3. David J. carpenter
    David J. carpenter says:

    Just amazing!

    The pics are genuine, not setup.

    Natural beefy hot men in the dessert sweating.


    One question.

    Dirk’s hair?

    Is it the Pheonix sun reflecting a auburn glow?

    Or did he do something or pay to get that buzzcut hue.

    Epic pics.

    Wish I could of seen you two live in that sling.


    Video’s of either or both are utilized frequently to… so if I had that chance to watch it actually go down in the flesh, I would probably be escorted out by huge security men for violating simple ground rules.


    What would you expect a hungry gay man to do after seeing sensing fantasizing about the hottest male couple in the industry today for years suddenly having an opp to see smell watch them fuck in front of his hungry ass eyes.

    The behavior would be expected in my realm.


    Enjoy your week bro.

    When. Are. You. Coming. To. San Francisco bro?

    David J Carpenter WOOF!

    • Jesse
      Jesse says:

      That’s Dirk’s natural hair color. He dyes his beard red sometimes, but he leaves the hair alone… and he’s blonde enough that it does lighten a bit in the sun. (And boy oh boy was it sunny in Phoenix!)

      We love working with Geo at Vision Video… he really makes us feel at ease and encourages us to “do our own thing” — that’s why the photos look so natural. Because they are!

      Hope you get a chance to see one of our live shows then! We’re not planning a trip to SF at the moment, but if past is prologue we’ll be at Folsom again in September. It’s too early to know if we’ll be making any appearances though. Watch this space (and/or my Facebook page).

  4. Bob Parkhurst
    Bob Parkhurst says:

    Enjoy following you. You are a very sexy couple. In addition you seem to be genuinely nice men. Like your social activism/interests as well. Thanks for sharing.


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