New Holiday Classical Caber: “Ding Dong Merrily on High” (Video)

Dirk, Meatball, and I have a special holiday treat for you guys. Here’s “Ding Dong Merrily on High” as arranged by my hubby (a.k.a. Jack Parton), performed at Spencerville SDA Church in Silver Spring, Maryland on December 22, 2018. Huge thanks to Spencerville Church for the recording!

Happy holidays, everyone. Peace on Earth, and good will toward all.

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  1. Don Howard
    Don Howard says:

    What a great way to wrap up the Christmas Day festivities! After nearly 8 months, I had begun to despair of seeing any new Classical Caber postings. Is there any possibility of making this available for performance by other groups (for a price, of course)? I believe there are choirs and choruses across the country that would love this arrangement. It certainly deserves a wider audience. The originality and craft of this composition is truly outstanding. Bravo!

    • Frank
      Frank says:

      I second Don Howard’s comments! A nice way to spend an evening after working all day outside chopping wood and cleaning a cow barn! Seriously, I own cattle! Thank you for the post Jesse, & Happy New Year to you both!

  2. JPM
    JPM says:

    First of all I LOVE this Carol, one of my faves. Second, THIS IS AWESOME! I just msg’ed D/C on Instagram, but if he doesn’t get it, let him know that I’d love a PDF copy of the score. I work as a Church Ass’t MD in Brooklyn NY, and would DEFINITELY do this for next year’s Xmas festivities. Great job, Dirk!

    • Jesse
      Jesse says:

      Glad you enjoyed it! He doesn’t check IG regularly, but I noticed you included your email address with this comment so I’ll pass it along to him. He says he’s happy to send it to you. Watch your email… 🙂

  3. Frank
    Frank says:

    Good to hear from you after a number of months!

    That arrangement was really lovely and it was especially nice that the church was so pleasantly filled to enjoy the Holiday concert.


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