I’m baaaaaaack!

Miss me?

Here’s a “taste” of what’s to come:

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  1. Conor
    Conor says:

    ABSOLUTELY! Any chance you’ll be working with studios again, or even just stepping in front of the camera more often?

    • Jesse
      Jesse says:

      It’s just called “Drake Masters and Jesse Jackman” (unoriginal, I know… I just can’t think of a better name for it) and part 1 is up on Dirk’s JFF page. I think it’s gonna be 7 parts long! The plan is to release them one at a time, then produce a full edited-together version after all the parts are posted.

  2. Don Howard
    Don Howard says:

    I hesitated to post this comment, but it’s late so what the hey…As an old fart (71 in August) I must admit that as hot as JFF content is (and you are hot in any context), I miss production values, professional lighting, and even a bit of plot or story from traditional studio productions. I realize the economic reality has changed, but I can’t help but feel that something good has been lost.

    And while I’m waxing nostalgic, I’ve really missed more frequent posts about what Dirk is doing with his music and glimpses into your life (new Huff Post articles?). Well, enough grumpy old man stuff. Off to bed. Goodnight.

    • John Yingling
      John Yingling says:

      Enjoyed your post, Don, especially since I’m going to be 70 in December. From one old fart to another, hello!

  3. John Yingling
    John Yingling says:

    Oh, Jesse! I have sincerely missed your posts and your thoughts. What a fabulous scene you posted; so VERY hot and so VERY romantic. (How I love kissing!) Hot sex+Love and romance = pure pleasure for me. Thank you! You are my very favorite gay porn actor, and it’s beautiful to read about and see your return. I’m soooo looking forward to to more, visually and in writing. Please take care, Jesse.



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