The First Time I Ever Saw Levi…

So it turns out I kinda had a crush on Levi two years before I ever met him. I’d completely forgotten about it, but I posted a picture of him way back in 2017, asking people if anybody knew who he was (along with a few choice emojis, like the drooling face one and the hearts-for-eyes one). Somebody finally identified him, but I never reached out. Luckily, fate brought us together two years later!

Here’s the post in its entirety. I’d completely forgotten about it, but found it the other day as I was searching for posts about Nasty Pig. It’s a fun read. Enjoy!

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  1. Steven L
    Steven L says:

    I would love to find an amazing guy like you found Levi. Can you and all your fans send your magic my way


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